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Jolly Rodger Bar


For those of you who have ventured to Sosua and stopped by the Jolly Rodger Bar some sad news.

Yesterday the bar/restaurant was burned to the ground. Arson is suspected and the bar is a total loss. Kelly and Patty are two of the greatest folks in the area and they have done so much for the community it is a shame. Kelly did post last night that they would rebuild and the local support for them has been overwhelming.

We here all hope to see the “Rodger” reopening this summer.



That is bad news! Anyone know how it happened? Was bar/restaurant open at the time incident happened?


No it was closed and no one hurt. I seems like it may have been arson. Rumor is that someone has been arrested but just a rumor.

I will post updates (factual ones) as they become available.



Thanks for info and news from the first hand.


You are welcome and I will keep you all posted as to the progress on the rebuild.



The latest guesstimate seems to be late this year for a re-opening. Firstly, the landlord has to get his act together and actually re-build it, thereafter, I think things would move quite quickly.

Meantime, Checkpoint seems to be a good contact point, and the weekly bingo is being held in the Dutch owned hotel/bar just past Casa Marina.


I talked to Kelly Saturday night. They are planning on starting construction early this week, and he is looking to reopening late September.

Also Bingo has been held at the Don Andre’s restaurant this month but has been suspended for the month of July and well start again in September.

All good news for the Jolly. We certainly do miss it.