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Juan Dolio


I am going on a volunteer work trip with 12 others to work on the Las Guandules school in Feb. we were told that we will be staying in a 2 * hotel on the beach in Juan Dolio, anyone have any clue what hotel it might be? Is Juan Dolio nice? Is it safe there? Been to North Coast 7 x and love it so I thought i would give a little back to those in such a great country.


Juan Dolio is a nice little town and the beaches have all just been redone. They now have nice white sand. It is safe if you use your head the same as when traveling anywhere. You will be with a group so that is even better for you. I would only be guessing as to what hotel you would be staying at. Juan Dolio is changing fast and hotel names change often. I would guess that it may be Barcelo Decameron or the Best Western. (both of these names may have been changed.) Plaza Azul, Albatros or Hotel Europa are a few more smaller places that I can think of. I know many volunteers stay at the Best Western. Try to get the name of the hotel from the group sponsoring your trip and I can tell you more about where in Juan Dolio it is located. There are quite a few small non A1 hotels in JD.
I am glad to hear you are going to help the kids! They will steal your heart for sure.


We should be hearing from the organizers later this week as to which hotel we will be staying at. Less than 3 weeks til we leave I cant wait. Anyone flown to DR nwith Delta before?