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Judge Confirmation Time


Hi All,

Would you say that it’s common for the judge not to confirm your wedding date until 6mths before?

Do you just get an email or does the wedding coordinator create a contract to sign?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey There,
We are getting married May 22/07. We booked our wedding in June '06. I emailed the wedding co-ordinator at the resort and told her that we had booked and she emailed me back within a few days and gave me my date and time. I told her when we would be arriving and requested to have the wedding earlier in our stay rather than later. (we get there sunday and get married tuesday) That’s all I had to do. Where are you getting married? We are getting married in Punta Cana and there is only one judge for that area. I would email your wedding co-ordinator and check with her. I know some other brides have posted that they signed a contract that confirmed the date/time/price but we didn’t have that.


Hi Treen,

hmmm…I am not sure what the issue is. Maybe because you booked with the resort already that’s why they wanted to provide you with the date?!? The wedding coordinator first told me that I’d have to wait till Feb/March (in July '06) now that it is February, I emailed to follow up and then I got an email from a different rep who advised I’d have to wait until April. I am not sure why. I have even called and left a message and haven’t rec’d a call back yet. I am little worried but from reading other threads it seems common to not hear back from the resorts right away.

It’s interesting because if you have a traditional wedding at a catering hall in your own town you can book a year to even two years in advance. Oh well. What resort are you getting married at? You must be so thrilled. Are you traveling with a lot of guests or more smaller/intimate?


Oh, I forgot to mention…it’s Paradisus Palma Real. That’s the resort I am hoping for. I am also going to look into the Melia Caribe as well as my back-up plan!


We are getting married at Ocean Sand and have around 30 adults and 5 kids coming with us! It’s going to be a blast!!! :slight_smile:
I think you’re right that because you havn’t booked your trip yet they won’t confirm a date. But who knows. From reading other posts on here it seems like every resort does things different, I guess it just depends.
When are you planning on getting married?2008?
Well happy planning!
Yes I’m very excited!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Treen,

We are planning on a wedding in January of 08. I am very excited too…we have been together a LONG time…and it’s about time I become a Mrs. ;o)

Thanks for your well wishes, I hope the best for you! Actually, I went to Punta Cana at the end of May last year and the weather was fabulous…


the resorts arent’ going to 100% confirm your wedding till you book. You got to remember there are 100s of wedding and if you book the date an not end up with the resort then the space is already taking. there is only one judge per area. don’t worry you will have a legal wedding and only do it once. I booked my resort in June and the judge confirmed the wedding in august. the judge in POP books for the next year in end of august september.