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July 11 - 18 - Royal Decameron

In less than two weeks we will be heading back to Panama, staying at Royal Decameron. Fifth time to this resort. We have never been there at this time of year. Looking forward to see how it is different. :sunglasses:

Hello Bebbie how was your 5th trip to Royal Decameron? I was there as well about 5 times and I liked it. As you could see during July there was bit more rain but nice and hot :slight_smile: How was for you?

The weather in July last year (2013) was fantastic. :)  Hardly any rain. Rained a couple of times when we were having lunch, didn’t last more than 5 minutes and it was just a light rain.

It was mentioned that it was drier than usual. But as we all know the weather seems to be changing world wide.

Definitely would consider going back at this time of year again.

We returned for our sixth time in November (2013) and encountered more rain. A few days, it was like the heavens opened up and poured for about half an hour to an hour. When it rains, you have to get out of the water. Wondered why, then I realized, often with the rain came thunder. Probably didn’t want to take a chance of lightening.

Once again, wouldn’t be adverse to returning in November. Still able to swim in the ocean and pools, they were warm. 

Interesting as you’re likely to find the same at the Decameron in El Salvador in November, while Nicaragua and Costa Rica experience a lot more rain.