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Just back from bavaro princess, questions?/

Hi every body ,just returned from the bavaro princess, not what I expected from a 5***** disappionted.

I’m so sorry to hear you had such a disaointing time at the Bavaro Princess. :’( :’( Hope to read your review when you get time to post it in the review section of Debbies.

Hi sorry to here you had a bad time, i’m going in april of next year any feedback would be great

Hola, I will post an unexaggerated and honest review of our overall thoughts of the B P,I am sure that after going to the DR for the past 25 trips mostly 2 weekers ,we have experienced all kinds of things but maybe this time I was expecting more from what is rated as a 5* . we usually go to anything from 3**s and up , so we have a very good overall average to above average view point , I guess the food was the worst that I have encountered in many years. I would rate the food and drinks about 3.5 out of 10 , we are not fussy eaters at all and the resort was fairly full so there was not excuse that it’s the off season. Doesn’t matter I still love the D.R.and the people , we will return in Jan. but difinately not to the Bavaro Princess

I sure hope you didn’t get sick from the food at this resort. Would be a horrible way to spend your time on a vacation.

The food must have changed greatly over the past few years because I loved the food there. I’m not doubting you, just trying to figure out what exactly you expected that you didn’t get? Was the food not hot, or no variety, or bland??? Can you give a bit more information? I’m going back there in April so I’ve very interested to know what was wrong. Thanks and sorry you had a disappointing trip. Nothing’s worse than spending that much money and not be satisfied…had a few of those myself. Beach is the best there though isn’t it?? I’m not much of a drinker so that doesn’t affect me any. What about shows???

Hi stillsdaughter, oh yeh ! I got sick, don’t know exactly what from, (not drinking ) not much on that. Actually I was sick a couple of times, then I was kinda put off a lot of things. The varitiey was definiately lacking , lots of things were warm when they should have been hot, Vegatables in shortage, I don’t know what they did with the chicken breasts( maybe at the al la carte) but not at the buffet, as my better half called the chicken were all knuckles, steak one night ,was as tough as shoe leather, couldn’t chew it. I kinda got to the piont of bread and soup and it was sometimes luke warm , where ever Iv’e been previously in the DR the asortment of different cheeses has always been super, but again here I found to be soooo lacking. Yes the beach was fabulous as always and the staff were all very happy and willing to do everything they can to make your stay pleasent. Overall everthing was good except the FOOD not good at all. Go to the Oasis if you want excellent food and drinks . I will probably return there in Jan if all goes well for our 2 week vacation, I am very glad I was not booked for 2 at BP. Maybe in April every thing will be up to par. I hope so.

That’s so disappointing eltigre62, and it really makes you nervous at your next meal if you’ve been sick by a previous one. Who wants to get sick down there?? Not me!! Well I’m hoping that this type of information gets filtered to those with “changing powers” in the resorts. I hope you’ll write up a review as that’s where they would look. Thanks and I hope you get to go somewhere in January!!! Good luck and thank you for your information.

How did you find the shows this time?