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Just back from Colonial Cayo Coco


In case anyone thought I had drowned in the snow ::), we booked last minute to Cayo Coco on ACV and got a super deal with an oceanview.

Something to add to the currency exchange post:

There was no Cadeca at the resort and I was told, there were none in Cayo Coco at all now. Ouch. We got 94CUC/CDN $ Would not give a receipt and it was take it or leave it. Many afternoons, they ran out CUCs and you had to wait.

One day I walked up to reception at noonish, asked for $40. as we were headed to Playa Prohibita and the clerk is standing there with a handful of CUCs he’s counting and tells me in a straight face that there in no money. ??? ??? ??? ???
So I walk across the lobby to customer relations, ask nicely, then ask with more force, she says to go back to the reception and they suddenly ‘find’ enough money for me. :o :o :o :o

The store accepted Cdn. Mastercard but my card would not work. The clerk blamed it on my card but I had the same problem with a different one a year ago at the duty free. If the connection is bad, it times out and you get rejected.

I’ll do a full review when I get a chance. Interesting that the prices for next week have doubled from our cost. :frowning: :o


That seems like a step in the wrong direction! I wonder why? Most resorts now have cadecas. They have added many in the last few years to places that never had them before. Seems strange they would be removing them.


That was my exact feeling. I’m hoping that someone here can update me on other Cayo Coco resorts. The info I got was from ACV rep and he covers all of them. The lack of receipt and absence of posted rates are a real disaster waiting to happen.


I’d expect the rest of the line behind me to be there for a week while I got my accounting!!
They’d have to pry me from the cage if there wasn’t a receipt.
Shame on them, and let everyone know there’s a problem at Colonial Cayo Coco when you want a fair exchange for your money.


Thanks, Dax; will do.
What would be your recommendation for people travelling to Cayo Coco - stock up with CUCs at the airport upon arrival? It would be good to know, for sure, if this is an issue at all the resorts on Cayo Coco or just the Colonial.


Have stayed twice in Cayo Coco. Both resorts just exchanged at the desk and no receipt. No Cadeca’s in the Cayo Coco area at all. Closest place would be Moron I am guessing which is a little ways away.

Never had an issue with them running out, and was always a fair “exchange” based on what rates were running at the time.


The problem getting exchange at the airport is the need to get on the buses ASAP to avoid everyone else hating you for holding things up.

I don’t really care that much about paying an extra 1% for the hotel exchange but it would be very easy to fix the problems with posting rates, issuing receipts and keeping enough cash on hand.

I think in the future I will be avoiding resorts that do not have Spanish ownership/mgmt. Sad comment but I’d rather pay a little more and be happier for the week.


I know my memory’s bad… but when we stayed at the Sol, I’m sure there was a Cedeca right on the property (outside the hotel).
This was in 2011.