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Just back from Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

Any questions fire away. We loved it. At first we were so overwhelmed, the resort is absolutely huge, we are talking a self contained mini city. However, we did find a nice quiet spot close to the beach and OMG! the food was amazing, so many choices that we could not keep up with them. I would highly recommend this resort for weddings, couples, families, the works. The Staff work very hard to ensure that you have a good holiday. During out stay the capacity was 85% and by Friday 95% and we never felt neglected or, short changed.


I have been to this resort twice including last year. Despite having a stomach bug when I come home last year and recently hearing reports about thefts from safes, it hasn’t put me off booking for next year. Thought the staff were superb and service at the restaurants and bars. I was also overwhelmed of how big the resort was. A little bit of Spanish and a tip for the guys who fill your mini bar really goes a long way.

The following is a copy of my review and from there I can do my best to answer any questions. We did bring our Milockie with us but did not use it, our safe was lock and key and we had nothing taken. My Husband did say that one of my dresses was on a different hanger, who knows maybe if some staff member is scooping they decided they had better clothes that we do…lol. We never tip the fridge guy and our fridge was always stocked however, we did tip the maid 40 peso’s and we always put our stuff away to make it easier on the cleaning staff.

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Turtle Haven

September 09th to 16th 2017

We were originally booked to stay at the Dhawa, Cayo Las Brujas, but due to Hurricane Irma we had four days to research an alternate destination. A huge Thank-you to Donna at Westjet for all of her assistance and advice and to Lucero and Barbara at the Bahia Principe Tulum for swiftly answering my emails and fulfilling my requests, especially considering the hotel was between eight five and ninety five percent capacity, during our stay.

We really lucked in with our transfer to the hotel, because the transportation was by van and the traffic was good, so the driver from Best day took Fifty-two minutes to get us there (trip normally takes approximately ninety minutes).

Estrella at reception warmly and professionally greeted us and gave us a nice cold drink and cold towel, which was so refreshing. Estrella really took the time to explain what was available to us and even went the extra mile by having our a-la-carte reservations delivered to our room. The bell boy was also fantastic giving us the low down, sorry we forgot his name we were really over whelmed by the size of the resort, it is like a small City all on its own. Fortunately they do have lots of carts driving around, so if the walking gets too much, you have help. We must have looked pretty doe-eyed because a lovely British gentleman took us under his wing and gave us some helpful hints, was surprised to learn that if you need bug spray, suntan lotion, pain relievers etc that you can get them free from the British rep (supplies left behind by British tourists).

The rooms are in three story buildings, access by stairs, no elevators. Our room 33312 was pretty basic and on the tired side. But it was kept clean and did have a king sized bed, stocked fridge every day, coffee maker, small flat screen TV with good channels and safe with lock and key ($ 7 USD per day).
The bathroom is really dated with a shower/jetted tub, the problem with the shower is there is a glass screen that only goes half way; this will normally work if it is ergonomically set up right, but in this case it is not, so when you have a shower the water floods all over the floor and flows out into the entry way of the room; this is a huge safety issue. The good thing upon request, we were given extra towels and I strongly recommend that you lay a few on the floor, before you even get into the shower, so you don’t go flying.

My advice is to bring USD, because all the prices at the hotel stores, stores in the plaza, and even the little market are quoted in USD. They also will accept Canadian dollars and naturally Mexican pesos. The Plaza is a real shopping treat; they even have a little spa with a tank that has those little fishes that eat the dead skin off of your feet and hands ($25 USD) and another store with a very good tattoo artist called William.

We were very grateful to Guillermo who came down the steps from the Buffet and guided us to the smaller section of the dining area, which is also air-conditioned. We really lucked in to our wonderful, attentive server Micaela who spoilt us rotten during the dinner meals, lots of bubbly and any drink on the menu you desire. On a side note we did not care for the cocktails or, powdered orange juice provided, because you could taste the artificial sweeteners.
Oh people you are in for a treat with the food, there is so much variety that caters to most every dietary need, like seriously if you have issues with the food here, then you must be one heck of a Red Seal Chef and live the life of Royalty. With such a huge Buffet we were impressed with the flow, replenishing of food and no cutting in or, being blocked off by other Guests. . We really pigged out, could not help ourselves and had no tummy issues at all.
My mouth is still watering thinking about the food. A huge Thank-you to all the Chefs and Kitchen staff, you are wonderful.
At the Buffet dining I would also like to Thank Gadiel and Luis who took great care of us at Breakfast and Lunch. I was really impressed that a Staff member was always present at the entrance to the Buffet with a container of hand sanitizer.
We did go over to the Coba side for the Gourmet a-la-carte, now that was one big disappointment and the service and quality of food paled in comparison to what is being offered at the Tulum buffet.
We also scoped the Buffet at the Coba side and did not bother eating there, the quality and quantity of food was lacking.

The grounds are lush, very tropical and well maintained. The resort is a real nature haven, nice to see and hear different species of tropical critters. The Staff are constantly grooming the grounds and cleaning up. They also do a great job at fogging to keep the mosquitoes at bay and we were delighted that our homemade bug cream worked like a charm.

If you are a pool person you will be in heaven, we pretty much avoid pools, but were impressed.

I highly recommend a trip to the spa, worth every penny. My Husband and I had a couples massage. Norma and Sara, very professional and they sure worked out the knots. We came out feeling like jelly and enjoyed drinking a bottle of champagne. They also offer water and different juices.

The Tulum is a great place for weddings, was nice to see a few of them and was impressed with the catering to the bridal parties. The beauty of it all is the hotel is so huge that you could pretty much hide from people if, you wanted to. I was really impressed with the public relations team; they actually walk around checking on Guests.

We are beach people and can’t say the beach is the greatest. They do have a good section of the ocean blocked off with sandbags which does not look aesthetically that great, but it does the job of blocking off waves and keeps the ocean calm.
The weather was great during our stay, beautiful sunshine, really hot with the odd shower and thunderstorms only during the night. The Ocean was like bathwater, but unfortunately there are allot of rocks and pieces of coral so I highly recommend water shoes, we were so glad that we had ours. We also found the beach highly congested with Cabañas with not much space in between, we can’t handle that. Fortunately, we did find two perfect, romantic spots away from the crowd, up by the trees (when facing the ocean go to the far left, up behind the Turtle blockades; close to the quiet pool). We were thrilled to see that the Tulum really cares about Turtles and has provided a sanctuary as per say to help protect them, these areas are being monitored and pending on timing you can get to see them hatch.
No beach vendors, which is a huge plus.

The only heads up I would like to give you is the “Privilege Staff” which are located off the lobby, close to the Tequila store and Computer room is just another slick version of Timeshare. They are there to promote condos and the pathetic gift they bait you with competes with something out of a crackerjack box.

The hotel offers free Wifi and from what I observed from Guests who cannot separate themselves from their phones, etc; the best reception is at the lobby.

I really hope you enjoy your holiday as much as My Husband and I did.

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