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Just back from Ocean Sand/Blue...Questions?

Hi All;

We just got back from Ocean Sand/Blue. A great 2 week stay.

We will be doing a review with pictures. Paul wrote over 130 pages on our stay. It will take a while to get the review written and the photos uploaded, so for now, we will answer your questions here.

Hi there. Can’t wait to read your review. We’re booked to go on March 29th having been there two years ago. Reason for our return is that we love the size. Did the service at the buffet improve. It was very slow. We are bringing family with us so need three rooms, two of which we would like to be adjoining. Do you know if this exists. Is there still a laser show in the evening. Open kitchen night (what is that all about?).

The one big question that my group has is does the men have to wear long pants to all of the dinner ala cartes or can we get away with dress shorts and golf shirt at a few?? My group (35 of us) is going to the Ocean Blue in early February 09 for a 7 night stay!!!

In regards to long pants - the Italian, the Domincan, and the LaBrasa requires them.

sssammy is correct for par4.

For oceangal, service in the morning (6:30) at the buffet is okay. We went in off season, so there are less staff, however, they were lucky if it was 25% full.

I have heard there are ajoining rooms, but never needed one (this was our second trip to Ocean Blue/Sand).

There was no open Kitchen night, but we were in the off season. No laser shows, as the theatre is being torn down, so the night activites are in the lobby.

A few of the couples in my group would like to walk into the small town one afternoon from the Ocean Blue and visit Steve’s Corner Bar and do a little shopping (not the flea markets on the beach). Is there a way to walk down the beach and cut into town. I think it would be a 35 minute walk on the beach but I am not sure. We stayed at the Barcelo (the old Superclub Breezes) and we had to take a cab. Thanks and only 95 days to go!!

Note to par4:

I am not sure of how long of a walk it would be. Alot depends on your walking speed, and once you are far enough south, where to cut through a hotel, and then the hot walk on the road.

I would guess that it may be better to take a cab (again).

I would like to hear from others that have been in this situation.