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Just back from Riu Bachata


booked riu roullette, and our agent requested bachata…Other people said that would make NO difference but it DID!! We were the only roulette people off our flight that went to bachata…the rest to mambo!!

What can I say other than ANY of the 3 hotels would be great. We just spent 14 days there and am more than willing to answer any questions!

Will post a review very soon.



Looking forward to your review and your experience at the RIUs :sunglasses:


How was the staff? Any bugs in the rooms? How was the food? Do they have Canadian Club whiskey?

I am going January 6th and can’t wait.


Really looking forward to your Bachata review


:slight_smile: Welcome back and glad you had a great time.

Looking forward to your review! There are some awesome deals to the RIU’s for this January. :-*


There are some great deals as previously stated not just with your TA and your on-line operators but also on RIU’s own web site. In that site transportation is provided for the airport to the resort for free :sunglasses:


sorry wherenext and everybody I have not had time to write a review yet. There is NO canadian club (much to greg’s dismay) but the drinks are still good. Did not have one bug in two hold weeks, and the staff is the BEST I have ever encountered!
I will write a review soon as possible


NO Canadian Club ???

did you know there is


[sub]You have to gice a little and take a little when you go to Paradise[/sub]



hey wud, you are right ;D I would have even gone without booze altogether the trip was that good.

I am looking at surprising greg in march or april with another trip, but not the bachata as we are going to return there in November with our kids and friends.

It was a fantastic place but not romantic for a couple traveling alone looking for a romantic getaway ( the alacartes are where we always look for a little romantic evening and it just did not happen at this resort) BUT thats ok. It is still near the top of my list for return visits!!



If no Canadian Club, what do they have for whiskey? Crown Royal, probably not but maybe Weisers? Might have to pick some up at the duty free. I like Rum but not for 7 days straight.


Normandy and Kings Island whiskey…YUK


Hi I was on the same plane as you ( gregnlynn) we were at the Mambo, the rooms were lovely. From my travels around the resort I would say that the room we had 2403 was the best situated building. We counted about 60 paces from our building to bar building that had a bar of course, continental buffet 10am to 4pm and a pool. Then another 60 paces to the beach bar and then again to the next bar, pools buffet ect at the next resort… then the paces again to another bar …big walk maybe 200 meters to the Bachata pool bar.
I would actually say that this is just ONE big resort with 3 different names. From what I gathered the food is all made in the same kitchen. I did not go in any rooms at the other resorts so I can not say if they changed at all. If I was to give booking advice book the cheapest and hang out wherever you want. It is some distance from the Mambo to the Casino but a walk with many stops will not kill you. The only the complaint I would say it the water sports beach is way too far from the other resorts and some kind of shuttle even with min fee would be handy.
Staff amazing, not many bug no more than you would expect in the summer here. In the daytime there may be a few flying around the (covered) plates on the buffet but I have seen this in a building with no wall in good old Ontario in the summer. Anyone that would complain about this Riu should just stay home and be cranky there.
My three friends and I have already planned to go again at the same time next year only difference being for 2 weeks instead of one


Hey oddtripper. We are planning for same time next year too. I was disappointed that I was not able to meet up with any Debbies or TA people. I had vague descriptions of them…but after accosting some poor woman because she had a kid with “BIG” hair as described by a fellow canadian…well needless to say I did not try again.

Anyway my review is up. Hope anyone with any questions contacts me…

Who knows Oddtripper… maybe we will meet up next year…



Oh and by the way…we DID two weeks…No going back Now!! It will ALWAYS be two weeks…what a difference,you would have travelled home on the plane with our friends Melany, Adam, and Grimm…picture a little red head girl with two BIG guys ages 25-30

They were calling us names as we waved goodbye to them in the mambo lobby!!


i think I rememebr you then… you were the happy people in the Lobby.


Yup. There were four of us seeing them off,Greg and I and our friends from England, Shane and Lesley… and sad they were leaving but REALLY happy we were NOT! LOL


Just checking, for those people that have just been to the Dominican. What was the weather like? I have been watching the forcast. Seems to be alot of rain!!!


If it rains, even for a few minutes, they have to use the word ‘rain’. And those 5 minute sun showers are quite common. I wouldn’t lose a whole lot of sleep worrying about it.


I also just returned from two weeks at the Riu Bachata - weather was great - we had a 5 minutes rain shower one day and if it rained it was at night. No bugs in our room - nobody got sick. Room was also clean - the maids do a fine job. Booze in the room was filled up every two days and so was the mini fridge. Overall it was a great holiday just hated the plane rides - to long.


Our first week was rainy. By that I mean it rained on and off for 5 min or less thru the day…still have a killer tan 2 weeks home!!

Don’t worry about weather…