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Just back from the Gamboa Resort


Best trip ever for me!!!

We just came back on Feb 20th, we stayed at this resort for 14 days. The staff, the food, the resort, the grounds were great… wish I was still there. :frowning:

We took over 1200 pics and I will post a review and pics soonest.


Hello ponder!

I am so interested to hear about your trip!! One reason is that I cannot fathom spending two weeks at that resort…you must have done a lot of trips to Panama City, etc. :slight_smile: And, I am anxious to hear if the service at the restaurants has improved! Did you have a Green Frog at the pool swimup bar? ;D

Glad to hear that you had a great holiday. Let us know the details…soon!!

Northgal :sunglasses:


Hi Northgal,

We had a blast! I’ll try to go thru my pics on the weekend so they can be posted. We only really spent 3 full days at the pool. We did a lot of excurions, including taking a bush plane and spending 2 days in San Blas, on an Island (Atlantic side). We stayed in little huts sitting on stilts in the middle of the ocean. Visited the beautiful Emberas people, went to Vallay the Anton, just to name a few. Hope to post a review and pics soonest.
As for the restaurants, Anna & I never had any problems. Just one night did we wait a little longer to be seated, but it gave us a chance to go to the Monkey bar and have another PinaColada. We always have to remember that it’s Panama time.
We liked it so much, that we actually talked about going back before we even left. The point is that this resort is so central that you can go anywhere within a very short period. We still have to visit, among other things, Bocas del Toro. By the way we stayed in the villas.


Hi Ponder,

I’m glad to hear that you stayed in the villas! We were in the second one down on the left from the “hotel”. It was a terrific location to be so close to the main lodge. Were you on the second floor as we were? I absolutely loved being in the villas since they have such historical significance. On the creepier side, though: did you see any cockroaches in your suite? :o

Yes, the day spent with the Emberas is a fabulous experience…

WOW, your flight to that island and your stay in a hut on stilts must have been an unbelievable thrill. I sure envy you that excursion! :slight_smile: While we were at the Decameron, we rented a car for an afternoon and drove to the Valley of Anton. Truly beautiful!

I am looking forward to seeing your photos…

Northgal :sunglasses:



We had the first Villa on the right, very short walk. No bugs whatsoever…

Planning for next year around the same time… would like a treck to Bocas del Toro, among other things.


Hi Ponder:

Waiting anxiously to see your pictures. :slight_smile:

The Embera people really are beautiful people aren’t they? That tour was the highlight of my second trip to Panama.

So glad to hear you really enjoyed Panama and plan on returning.

We personally never stayed at the Gamboa Resort so I can make no comments on it.

Welcome back. (It really is depressing coming back to reality when you have had the best trip ever, eh?)



I definetly want to be there right now… especially with a -33 wind chill factor.


Gee, I haven’t been outside today- guess I am not missing anything. Then again we are from different parts of the country. :wink:

BTW - How did Anna feel about the trip?




She’s actually the one who coaxed me into this type of travels. She’s been to Costa Rica several years back and loved it, so she talked this beach bum into it. She really enjoyed doing the San Blas thing. Believe me when I say it’s very basic. As an exemple, all of the rain pipes coming from the roofs are connected together and bring all the rain to 40 gallon drums in the washroom type outhouse. This is the water you take to shower, wash, shave, etc. So, if it’s shower, it’s a lot easier if you both go in and one soaps up while the other pours water over the first. Survivor type… ;D ;D ;D

P.S. We even mentioned that a Safary in Africa would be nice…


Hey Ponder;
I checked first but couldn’t see your review yet. Please tell me about the San Blas trip. Are there nice beaches?? I’m especially interested in snorkelling. The south side was pretty disappointing. I hear that the islands in san blas are supposed to be very good snorkelling with clear water and coral. IS THAT TRUE??? Do you have to get there by plane or did you hear of any buses from Panama city??


Review is up…

Here’s the site for our review… hope you like.