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Just booked VIK Hotel Arena Blanca

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Just booked VIK Hotel Arena Blanca for March. Bring on the winter because I’ll be escaping it for a while anyway. This will be our 2nd trip to PC, fourth in total to the D.R. We stayed next door at the Caribe Club Princess in 03. If the VIK Hotel Arena Blanca even approaches the quality of the Princess complex, I’ll be more than satisfied. Sun, sea, sand, rum, Presidente, decent food - what more could I ask for. Off topic before you purchase insurance check with your credit card company because I called CIBC Visa Aerogold yesterday and purchased trip cancellation insurance for four for $137. In effect, saving $400. Dedication to this site pays off. Thanks members for continuing to provide such excellent information and to Debbie’s Domincan for maintaining this invaluable forum.

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???I had to look it up, VIK Arena Blanca is the new name for the LTI in Punta Cana. :smiley:

Is it just a new name or does it have new owners? I know there is a new pricier area but wondering if it is getting anything else.

I just returned from LTI on Nov 1. New ownership is starting on 11/1 but there is no mention of VIK on the property as yet. Two of the five buildings (#3 & #4) were completely closed for remodeling. Closed buildings looked like they had all furniture and fixtures removed and were going through a complete refurbishment including electrical, plumbling, doors, painting, etc. Was a little noisy if sitting in one area of the pool but the beach was quiet as was the other areas of the hotel. We stayed in building 5 (closest to the beach) which I hope has not been remodeled as yet. The bathroom looked updated as did the hallways but the room furniture and decorations were old and stale.

Overall, the resort is great and would not hesitate to return again. I’ve been to Punta Cana 8 times (6 different resorts) and LTI had the best tasting buffet by far.

LTI (VIK) is a small resort and perfect for those who like everything nearby.


I totally agree with Mountainman’s statement about the LTI being a small and it is perfect for going to things nearby. I have always found the food to be great there. Hope the new owners don’t screw that up ;D ;D

Hey MountainMan,

I’m happy to hear that you had a good trip and that there are ongoing renovations. We’re booked for two weeks in Feb-March. From your observations, do you think that these will be completed by the end of February? Also, are there renovations ongoing in other facilities? Off topic, what’s the gym/health club like, and more importantly, are Presidente and Brugal or Barcelo served at the bars?

Just to add to this… we’ve stayed at the LTI twice now, both times in Building 5 with a great beach/ocean view. We just returned from 9 days in Varadero and how people can say that is a nice beach is beyond me. It pales in comparison to Punta Cana! Can’t wait till March when we will be returning to PC! Hope the reno’s are all done before your trip.


I stayed at the (LTI) VIK this time last yr and it is a great small hotle. Good food, the roasted chicken at lunch is the best you will find. Yes, Presidente is served at the bars…

We are considering this resort for a last minute trip to the DR just after Christmas and would be there over New Year’s.

Question one…what is the New Year’s experience there in the past? What happens dinnerwise, activities etc. I understand there is new management but…

Next, I too would be interested to hear what the gym looks like. My husband and son like to spend some of their time in there.

Last question (for now), I hear the beach is great…is there decent snorkling not too far off the beach?


Also to Shadow, thanks for the info re cancellation insurance through CIBC Visa Aerogold. I will definitely call them for a quote.

We stayed and the LTI and one thing that stands out about it was the BBQ.Someone was alway there to make something for you. We have stayed at other resorts 5 and 4 star and have never found another great BBQ area like that. I hope it stays