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Just returned from Memories Paraisio

Well, after all the negative reviews I had read I was really surprised. The resort is beautiful, the beach to die for, shopping next door ( vendors change every two days), the staff ( from manager to gardener) went out of their way to make us feel at home. Did not need to bring spices, food was great - always something for everyone. Seafood was fresh, ate alot of prawns and lobster, turkey almost everyday. We had a couple of cool days, thankfully it was the days we went to Havana. Since we got back late last night it will a couple of days before I can post pictures. My first experience to Cuba was great! The resort is very good.

You sound like the Memories Paraiso suited you like it did us last year. It is a very good resort ,for the money you spend! Glad you had a good vacation and sorry for missing the pm’s, I have not been on this forum in months. We are back to the D.R. this year.

why would you be walking back-streets in PDC to find a cab ? I have been to PDC many times, very drunk and alone, never had a problem finding a cab and never any troubles. By the way, if you are on the ball at all, cabs are no problemo to find at any time…comprende ?

Actually, I meant to type that we were headed to the collectico stand, not cab. So, you are right - in a way. We spent the afternoon and early evening in PDC and were returning to Bahia Tulum and had some trouble finding the exact location of the place to board the collectivo. They take a set route and depart from one location.

If you want to wander the back streets of PDC drunk and alone after dark, that’s your decision. An unwise one in my opinion. I was not scared but I was fully sober and aware that someone could be very easily mugged in one of the back streets that are very narrow and very empty when we were on it. I guess that if I was drunk, I may not have been apprehensive at all.

I would have a different opinion on walking the main streets in the evening than the side streets or back streets.

I have friends that just came back from there yesterday, but no butter, at our resort (IE)or Paraisio, big deal, I couldn’t really care less, never a shortage of great food

Read reviews from another site there was a butter shortage in Holguin too. Sometimes they do not have red wine for 2 weeks

There were 10 of us, two were very picky eaters and they had no problem. Most days we had butter, but missed bread, it is hard to toast a bun!

What were your favorite drinks at Memories? Which A La Carte is a very must to book? Did the buffet have theme nights ie Mexican, cuban?

Which building would be closest to the Pool?