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Just returned from the Elegance

Good morning

Just returned from the Elegance and if there are any questions I will try to answer them.

Will submit a review today or tomorrow.


Hope your review will be a good one Steve!! Look forward to reading it. I know were a frequenter of the Royal Suites Turquesa and was trying a new place.

Well review is posted and would I return to the Elegance?

The answer is yes but with some conditions. The room issues have to be sorted out which they should in a short while.

If they do not we will look at the Royal Suites again but will see how the new rooms being constructed will affect the beach area.

My review of the Elegance is up I believe and it is a good resort but has to develop some more IMHO.

I think if you read most of the reviews this is the biggest complaint and needs to be addressed.