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Kaki - Cumpleaños Feliz


Hope you have an EXCELLENT day!

She IS having an excellent day! She’s in the DR!

Happy birthday my sweets! Talk when you get back …

Hi Kaki, hope you are having better weather than I had on the 8th!! I still had a good time and I’m sure you will as well, you are in the best place to enjoy your birthday. Many happy returns xx

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Happy Birthday Kaki

I know your having a wonderful time.

Still sad we missed you

Happy Birthday Pat, hope you’re having a great time as ususal.


Sounds like you are having an awesome day, wish we were all with you in person.

Happy Birthday Kaki

Hey, thanks pals! I wish you were all with me too! The hotel arranged with my group of 20 to throw me a surprise party on the beach a couple of days before which was unbelievably unbelievable! As many of you know, they take birthdays VERY seriously in the DR so more festivities on the day too. :stuck_out_tongue: The most memorable one of my life, to be sure!

Thanks for thinking of me!