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Kelley, we need to find the ticker thingy


that everyone has on their pages…

need to see the countdown, I know, THREE months is still awhile, but hey whatever helps!


anyone know how i get it on my page like you’s have ::slight_smile:


Go to www.TickerFactory.com
Click on Vacation-Travel
Ticker Ruler - chose what you want - then click next
Ticker Slider - chose what you want - then click next
Enter date - I think you click next
Choose bbcode - copy it

Go back here - Click on Profile
Click on Modify Profile
Scroll down to Signature
Paste the bbcode
Scroll to bottom of screen = click on Modify Profile


Hey thanks Bebbie, will get on that :slight_smile: so i know when i’m leaving lol


Lynnb: And exactly when are you going to ‘get on that’? :wink: :-*



LOL, soon I hope!!! darn computer locked up on me, in at the repair shop so i am sneaking the use of another… :wink:


I am sorry lynnb for not getting back to sooner, I see however that you got a reply… We have been so busy lately I haven’t even turned my computer on at home. ::slight_smile:

The time is just passing by so fast, but I am sure once Christmas is over the time will go by slowly, Jan and Feb are brutal months.