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Kidney Dialysis in Punta Cana


Hi All,
I’m planning a trip to PC for myself and a group of friends (most of whom have never been there before) for late August. One of my friends goes to kidney dialysis 3 times a week here at home. She wants to go on the trip with us, but would need to go to dialysis while in PC at least once during the week that we would be there. She’s not super sickly and is extremely active/loves to travel. She’ll have a ball as long as she can get that dialysis in.

Does anyone know of a hospital or clinic in the PC area where she could go to get her dialysis? I’m hoping that she would be able to get it somewhere in PC and not have to venture all the way to Santo Domingo and back (is it still a 4 hour trip one-way, or has it gotten better with the improvement in the roads???).


Get in touch with Hosp. Bavaro at 1-809-686-1414 as they specialize in dialysis. Good luck and by the way this hospital is excellent to go to for anything that might go wrong with you or anyone


I believe the previous poster is refering to Hospiten Bavaro. The contact phone no. 809-686-1414 is correct.

also, email: bavaro@hospiten.com

If you do communicate with them, be sure to ask how much advance notice they need to secure supplies and to have a medical professional on hand to operate and monitor the dialysis equipment and patient. Also, ask what are their costs and payment requirements.
If the client has insurance she may want check to see if she has coverage when she is in the DR.



Thanks SO much guys for your responses. I passed your responses and advice on to her. I greatly appreciate it!!!


You have another resource.

There is a clinic in Higuey, Clinica Cedano, with an eight bed dialysis unit. It is fully staffed.

It is a private clinic, recently expanded, and modernized.

Travel time from Punta Cana - Bavaro is about 45-60 min. The clinic is located in the center of the town just off the central park.

Phone 809 554 3495 / 3682



Has anyone looked into this?
As a future dialysis patient I’d be interested in hearing what the costs are associated with this. Hoping to get one more trip in before I start.


I’d contact the hospitals yourself to get the correct amounts and requirements etc. They also have a website, just google it.

Cheers, Debbie


Hospiten Bavaro website http://www.hospiten.es/hospiten/HOSPITEN/published_en/DEFAULT/con_hospitales.jsp?&CATID=77&ID=2065


I just wanted to know if anyone has used either of these facilities recently because I am bringing my mom next month who needs to have a dialysis treatment? I was just looking for some opinions.


There are different types of dialysis & not all hospitals are necessarily equipped to deal with all versions. Please make sure they provide the type of dialysis needed before you travel. We had this issue with a Toronto hospital. A family member had to transfer to another hospital which provided her type of dialysis.


A bump for the question.

It’s that time of year and would love to return to Punta Cana but have dialysis to consider this time.

Has anyone actually used the Dialysis Facilities in PC and are willing to relate their experiences?

The better half is pushing hard for South Florida as their standards are very similar to those here in Canada but I’d love to return to Punta Cana again.