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Kudo's to Skyservice

I know that members including myself have bad mouthed Skyservice calling them Skysquish etc.
But this time I want to say “Thank You.”

I emailed their customer service last Friday the 16th asking for a weight allowance for supplies I am taking in February. I received a reply the same day asking for confirmation that BTBCF supports charities in the D.R. A short email to Dream, and a reply Monday morning which, I forwarded immediately to Skyservice.
I received the allowance before the end of the day. :smiley:

Bottom line – done in two business days, and 50 KG’s for “The Kids” ;D

My compliments and thanks to Karen Holt of Skyservice :slight_smile:

Much better results than I got from Sunwing. I was going to cart down some books for nickelback for her grade 6-8 kids, but they wouldn’t give me the time of day. I could probably have found some space/weight in my luggage if we were only going for one week, but for a two week trip 40 lbs doesn’t go very far … :stuck_out_tongue:

Applauso, Applauso ,Applauso ,Applauso, Applauso, for Skyservice.
No I am not on an animation team but it is about time these companies listened to the concerns of their travellers.

great work Captain2002, I have 50+ kg’s of primary school books…do you want them.

Wish I could take them all, but have been shopping and storing for months. Plus hope to get 3 teachers bags from----


This is the lady I met last year who gives out hand sewn bags full of health and educational supplies. She showed me the teachers bag and its great. All she asks in return is to fill out an info form and a picture for her collection. ;D Anyone in the GTA can get as many as they can carry.

We’ll talk about the books before I leave. Thanks.

great news captain… :slight_smile:

I am waiting for a reply from Airtransat, hope they are as generous… :wink:

Captain, appears you have had better luck then me :-/

Received this reply From Airtransat :

Dear Client,

Due to the extremely high amount of requests that we receive each day for free excess baggage, we have had to implement a strict excess baggage policy. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate your request for extra baggage allowance.

You may wish to visit the following link for further information on our baggage policies:

Thank you very much for your understanding

I replied and stated I was disappointed and would think about other companies in future that allows extra weight for humanitarian purposes… I received this :

Dear M-------

Please be informed that since we are overwhelmed with requests from different organizations and individuals regarding transportation of goods to third world countries, we have set up a special program. We recognize that your efforts are commendable and charitable and that is why we have elected two organizations to which donations can be transported free of charge. We try to remain as strict as possible so that everyone benefits from the same policies. Here is the excerpt from our web site;

Air Transat is pleased to support specific charitable organizations active in countries that we serve. As a result, Air Transat will carry free of charge up to 50 kilos of humanitarian donations sent to the following charity organizations:

Mexico Puerto Vallarta Mexican Red Cross For more information, visit http://www.ifrc.org/docs/profiles/mxprofile.pdf

Cuba Holguin ICAP (Assoc. of Friends of Cuba) For more information, visit http://www.suizacildrencuba.ch/indexing.htm

Should you wish to carry other humanitarian donations to remit to recipients personally, you can do so as part of our normal baggage allowance. Should the items and baggage combined exceed the free baggage allowance per person, applicable excess baggage fees would be applied (see details above). In addition, passengers are responsible for any import procedures or applicable customs duties at the destination.

This information is on our web site, you may wish to visit the following link:

We invite you to send your donation request to our Special Request department (request@airtransat.com) for a review of your enquiry.

Kind regards,

Air Transat

Information and Seat Selection Center

So… sent for a special request… waiting to hear…

Yes know what you mean Captain… we get a waiver from Skyservice every year we have gone down, one for me, one for the BF, so thats 80KGS of free baggage we get to take with us…it makes a HUGE difference.

What a pile of Red Tape ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: with Airtransat… They sure make it hard to try and help underprivileged countries… >:(

Oh Well ,I will be squeezing my supplies in …

Well, I can now add my Kudo’s to Mary Lou Lavalle at Skyservice!!!

I picked up our travel documents from our TA this afternoon along with an e-mail she had received from Skyservice giving us an extra 40KG of excess baggage… The kids will be very happy!

Actually, I will be very happy too - our spare bedroom looks like a warehouse. Zellers had toothpaste on sale this past week… I picked up a few dozen - I can’t pass up a bargain! Added it to all the other stuff…

BigRed a couple of years ago I sent Air Transat a scathing letter after they announced they would no longer take Humanitarian Aid for free but you could still take bikes and golf clubs. Not expecting much of a response I was surprised to receive a phone call from a wonderfully helpful woman. When she realized I was flying out of St. John’s and didn’t have access to the flights that carry “their” charitable donations she granted me an extra 20 kgs.

On departure, even with all 4 our bags being underweight, we were still 3 kgs over and the agent wanted to charge me $21.00 for the bag. I looked behind me and saw some guy with golf clubs and loudly said “You are going to let his golf clubs go for free but you will charge me $21.00 to take a donation to an orphanage for disabled children?” The agent quietly said, no I am not and the bag went through just fine. I am sure the residents of Mustard Seed were glad to receive my bag.

I have to give special thanks to Skyservice too, Stephanie Stone of Skyservice granted us a waiver in just under 6 hours.

I’ve sent an email to beyondthebeach.ca but haven’t received any letters that I can forward to skyservice yet. They’ve said all I need is the letter from the people who receive my donation.

[quote=@sanderella]I’ve sent an email to beyondthebeach.ca but haven’t received any letters that I can forward to skyservice yet. They’ve said all I need is the letter from the people who receive my donation.

Based on recent e-mails received you sent an e-mail YESTERDAY for a departure on SATURDAY.

I’ll try to answer you tomorrow BUT please know that the normal advance notice for these letters is about four weeks.


P.S. - Also please know that the info required is:

  • Name(s)
  • Travel Date
  • Flight Number
  • Departure Airport and Time
  • Booking Number
  • Name of Tour Operator
  • Name of Air Carrier


Sorry, but I only got more of the clothes over the weekend and realized that I might go over my weight limit. I couldn’t possibly request a letter 4 weeks before when I didn’t book my vacation yet.

Excuse me, but it my first trip and I am new to this. I did the best with trying to figure this all out. I am anxious to get the donations to those who need them.

And BOOOOOO’s to Sunwing, I sent a letter from The Dream Foundation with their registered charity number, photo’s of last year’s donation and a brief description as to what BTBCF does.
here is their reply.

Good morning Mr. Willott,

Thank you for supporting Sunwing. We look forward to giving you even more excellent service onboard Sunwing Airlines.

Sunwing shares your concerns and while we remain close to the charitable organizations that we have supported in the past and will continue to support in the future, we sincerely appreciate your understanding as we advise that it is with regret that we are not able to sustain our very popular and very generous standby humanitarian aid allowance. As you are aware, the airline industry, as other areas of the business sector, is experiencing challenges due to the recent surge in fuel and operational related costs that are predicted to continue in the foreseeable future. In an era where other air carriers are charging for any checked baggage, we, at Sunwing, are committed to continue offering our paying passenger a 20KG free checked-in baggage allowance in addition to a host of amenities that are offered free of charge on Sunwing Airlines.

Sunwing Airlines continues to offer a full onboard product and outstanding customer service that has become our passenger’s favourite and the industry benchmark. You may wish to consider our Elite Plus Inflight Services. Please contact Sunwing at 416-620-5999 or 1-800-668-4224 or by email at customerservice@sunwing.ca should you require any additional information.

We wish you a Bon Voyage! Welcome aboard!

Sunwing Airlines


Manager, Baggage

Shame on Sunwing…but alas, its seems the times we are in…

We have always flown with Skyservice when going to the DR, and have never had a problem getting a waiver. Last year we got 50KGs each… this year we asked for 40kgs each, and even with the kind letter from BTBCF we were only allowed 40kgs total…20 kgs each.
Better 40kgs for the kids than nothing though…

Thanks again to BTBCF for the letter, and to Skyservice for the waiver

OntarioBowHunter, thanks for thinking of “the kids” ;D

More kudo’s from us to Skyservice!

I sent a fax to Stephenie Stone, Customer Service, and within 1/2 hour, I had an e-mail back giving us 30KG of excess baggage allowance. ;D

We have booked Star Class so, there is another 10 KG each on the way down for Mustard Seed & DREAM… I need to save that much for the Brugal Extra Viejo and Presidente we will be bringing back :o

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Skyservice!

We also did NOT get allowance in Feb. 09. with Sunwing. NOT IMPRESSED. Mike B. took us out to distribute the few donations that we were able to squeeze in our bags. I ended up going with abut 1/2 the clothes we really needed to be able to bring more donations. And then it rainned for 4 days… I had planned on bathing suits for 5 days and excursion clothes for 2 days + evening stuff, we soon ran out of clean clothes. I literally came home with about 1/2 of the 1/2 had brought. A young girl/woman (they trun into woman way too young over there…) who was hanging out near the school in the Barrio. She aksed if she could have my clothes. I promised her that when I returned to the hotel, I would leave some of my clothes with Mike B. and he would bring them to her. I hope that Mike brought them to her, not sure how often he goes over there?

Wow, this was an eye opening experience, you see it on TV and in the newspaper but to actually be there. We both cried when we left the school. I have already started collecting stuff. I figure 1 trip to the local stores per week for the next 50 weeks should give us a good load.

Dot, do you know which Tour C. uses Skyservice, aside from Signature who we flew with last year?? I would like to book our next trip with a company that will let us bring stuff?

Next year will be our 3rd ever trip to a sunny destination early next year (hopefully much sooner but…2 trips per year maybe pushing it…but we will make it happen). I fell in love with Punta Cana last year and even more this year. The people down there are so kind and humble. Although Shawn would also like to go to Cuba soon, I want to go back to Punta Cana. no need to go anywhere else.

Thank you in advance

Probably SkyService’s largest Tour Operator customer is Sunquest.