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La Barcaza April 2011

After 21 years we have decided to get married, we have booked our wedding on La Barcaza April 18, 2011.


Well congratulation to you both. Just a formality in a life long friendship

Congratulations Hula, time you made an honest man out of him. ;D and here I thought we set the record after living together for nearly 15 years and getting married in 1988 in Sosua. Soon you will have two anniversaries to celebrate, like us March 23 it will be 37 years living together, February 18, 23 years married.

Can I look after puppy?

thanks you!

sure you can puppy sit…

Congratulations Hula!!

We have our confirmation, April 18th @ 5pm aboard La Barcaza!!!


You will LOVE it!! Our daughter had her ceremony and reception on board on April 6, 2010! Flori and her staff are wonderful, the food amazing and memories to last a lifetime! All the best!

thanks! How was it with everyone getting to the boat in the little boat…did the bride go with everyone else???

The girls went on one boat, and the boys on the second crossing. Gave the Bride and attendants time to get dressed! Of course they did(bride and groom) see each, the day of the wedding, but we had a two hour drive from Bahia Principe, La Romana!

Congrats Hula, not that you are stubborn like my Mom…she made him wait 25 yrs LOL All the best and I might just crash the wedding if in PC.

No problem, the more the merrier…