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La Barcaza Yacht


Hi - we have a wedding planned at the Melia in April. Our reception is booked on the Yacht as we have 60+ people going and we thought this would be a bit cheaper option. My question - has anyone actually done this? Will the boat be big enough to accommodate that many people? They say it’s good for 100 but we don’t want it packed tight, plus we have 6 kids with a couple of them being in strollers. Any info/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


We were supposed to have the yacht for our wedding but changed our minds. A few days before we left I did see it picking up a wedding party. It looks big enough to fit 100 and not be squished. It took the smaller boat four trips to get everyone from the beach to the barcasa. It looked nice though.

Tan ;D


Could you remind me how much it costs to rent the boat? Our wedding is at 12:00, so I really need to figure out something to do for the rest of the day. Thanks a bunch.


Here are the details for the Boat reception:

4 hours open bar (National drinks) 35,00 US$ par pax
4 hours open bar (National drinks) and hors D’ouvres 45,00 US$ par pax
4 hours open bar (National drinks) and Lunch or Dinner 55,00 US$ par pax., lobster 10,00 US$ par pax additional.

The boat has a sound system included; you will need to bring your own CD.


Thank a lot. Did you do the boat thing? Or are you thinking of it?


Sorry-my mind is all over the place here lately. I just scrolled up and read your first post. Wedding in April.
Wow, that is actually really pricy. I don’t think I will be able to do that (unfortunatly).


Haven’t done it but we are booked for it in Apr/07 - I think it’s still cheaper then doing a reception with bar at the hotel!


We are also doing the boat in June I was also wanting to hear from someone who has done it…


Okay so we have the boat booked - they were pretty flexible with the little extra’s we wanted. We are getting the cake from the Melia and bringing it on board. If anyone has been on the boat please, please give me an opinion on the size - I’m still a little concerned that a sit down dinner for 60 may be crowded but I guess we’ll make do. I’ll let you know how it turns out - April 20th is the wedding date.


Hi There,
I am new to the site, and am in the mist of planning our DR wedding for April of 2008. We have not chosen a resort yet but really interested in the Yacht idea. Is there a website I can go and look at all the information.
We are having 60-65 people as well. Is the Yacht company pretty easy to deal with? The other question that I have is does it matter what resort you are staying at to go on the yacht? How are you getting from resort to yacht pick up location. Any information would help. This could be our solution for all the craziness we are going through to picking our resort. Any help/advice would be awesome, as I am soooo frustrated about planning this.


My 2 cents, I would be more concerned with sea sickness, personally. But maybe if the boat is large enough, it’s not a huge affect.

As for weddings go and planning, do the least possible, our attitude has been it is what it is, and honestly I find some people to be a little too picky for a destination wedding, if you want everything perfect, stay home where you have the control. I learned this early on after numerous emails, and I was told “Be Relax”, and from that point on I was! The reason we did this wedding was because it’s suppose to be stress free, easy and fun. I haven’t a clue what to expect, but in all honesty, as long as at the end of the day we’re legally married, that’s all I care about, we haven’t spent 10K + like a traditional wedding, and not counting the cost of the trip/hotel because well your getting a holiday, a $1000 for a wedding is pretty damn cheap, and don’t expect a $50K wedding for a $1000.

So don’t stress out, find a hotel, book your trip, register your wedding and wait for the day to come, we are far from stressed out right now, and it’s all because we have no expectations and we’re gonna have a blast, you will make of it what you want, the more you stress, the more you expect it to be perfect.


the yacht website is http://www.barcaza.com/
We booked it through our travel agent who dealt with the WC at our hotel so any questions were directed through her. We were concerned about sea sickness too, they did assure us that there was very little chance of that as they go very very slow and stop at a natural springs when we are eating.
It sounds like the boat will pick you up at any hotel that is on the beach - they transport you in little boats to the big one which they said usually takes about 15-20 mins with the amount of people we have. (60)


We booked the boat we are getting married June 2007 and I was told that because the boat is not small you will not get motion sickness and they anchor out on the water for the guests to eat and dance. The one question I have if anyone has the answer is we are bringing our IPOD station can we connect that to the sound system on the boat? We are getting married at the Melia and would also like to take the cake onto the boat, is that possible?


Sounds like a good many April 2008 weddings! Mine will be one of those! I hadn’t thought of or considered the yacht but it sounds about the same price as the reception I have been considering, so it might be a good option … and something different. I was considering a catamaran excursion the day before the wedding … but this could take care of that as well. Please keep us updated and send pictures for those of you using the yacht in 2007!!!


hello can somebody tell me the good telefon number of the barcaza boat on the site number does not response thx in advanced


You need to talk to your WC to set things up. We booked the boat for June 28, 2007 and the WC took care of everything for us.


hello thx for repley…

i need the boat for 07-07-07 my wc wants to send me to another boat and i like this one so i,m lokking for a email or a telefon number maby some body has it and wants to help me

greets max holland


hey maxi this is their direct number 809-967-2371 hope this helps…


The boat sounds like an excellet choice for the reception. I will be going in January of 08 so I will look forward to hearing from those of you who use the boat and what your experience was like:)


F**K the number is not correct and i don,t have the email i can,t get connetect by the site barcaza.com … and now i,m mad i want this boat for my wedding …