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La Barcaza Yacht


Does anyone know how much the yacht is in US $ per person?


I’m not sure why the website isn’t working for you - I just tried it again and it worked - the number on the web site is 809-967-2371
the email that they list is info@barcaza.com - maybe that will work for you
I have e-mailed them before and got a reply back.
Hope this helps


Here are the details for the Boat reception:

4 hours open bar (National drinks) 35,00 US$ par pax
4 hours open bar (National drinks) and hors D’ouvres 45,00 US$ par pax
4 hours open bar (National drinks) and Lunch or Dinner 55,00 US$ par pax., lobster 10,00 US$ par pax additional.

The boat has a sound system included; you will need to bring your own CD.


hello kimh

thank you for the information i don,t know why the mail doesn,t open by me but now i send a email to barcaza and i got repley so thank you very much now just hope it,s free on 07-07-07

greets max


Thanks for the information. What does par pax mean after the cost? Do you have to have a minimum number of people?


Per person


Anyone know if you can reserve the boat for fewer than 4 hours? 3 hours perhaps?


I checked on that for the evening cruise - It’s the same price for a 3 or 4 hr cruise - We decided to do the 3 hr cruise as we figured people may want to get on dry land after that amount of time (we have 7 kids that are coming as well)


Also, to get on the boat I was told you have to get on a dingy, so I decided to have my reception on land.


Tose of u who reserve the boat, how did u do it? by e-mail? i e-mail them a few weeks ago and nothing yeat.

what to do a lunch for 14 persons (including a baby).


Get with your w/c they will take care of reserving the boat…


u mean at the hotel?
i will try that.


We are having our reception on the Barcaza and t he resort took care of making all those arrangements for us.


Hi - We’re thinking about taking this boat after our lunch reception. Just for a few hours with drinks only. Has anyone taken this before?


Can anyone give me the contact of this boat.
Already tryed the phone they have on the site and does not works.
Also asked my WC to try to find it or reserve it, but she does not have it too (never heard of it).

Can anyone please help me…



Hey Port

I had luck contacting La Barcaza by emailing BoatRestaurant@hotmail.com. My WC was able to get in touch with them, I’m going to be staying at the Ocean Sands. La Barcaza has 2 addresses for their site www.caribbeanboatrestaurant.com and www.barcaza.com. Are you thinking about getting married on the boat or just having your reception?


just having a trip tp my guests.

Thanks for all yr informacion.

Did not know about the other site, just barcaza.

Just talked with the capitan of the boat and asked them prices.

Thanks a lot!!


Did you speak with the captain on the phone or via email? I have a few questions regarding our receptions - can I bring candles on the boat to decorate the tables, what kind of music do they play, can I bring my own music on boad…etc.



both of it.
i mean with the capitan , by phone.
today received the answer of my email, by the coordenator.

just e-mail them and they will answer you about all the doubts u may have.
they r really nice.


I tried emailing them in the past and had no such luck :frowning: I wanted to know if they take credit cards as a form of payment or can we write them a check, I would hate to carry cash down there… what are the other brides doing?