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La Barcaza Yacht


Has anyone been in contact with Flori from the La Barcaza? We reserved the boat for our reception and have not been able to contact them… ???


I got married on April 26 and had the sunset dinner on La Barcaza. I met with Flori, but haven’t spoken to her since I got back. We had a great time on the boat with a few mishaps. One toilet was broken and the other got clogged while we were on it. Needless to say, the boys didn’t have any problems with it, but the girls did. The food was good and you couldn’t beat the atmosphere. A few people (including me) were sick the next day, but I can’t say it was definitely the food from the boat. It could have just been stomach problems in general from eating/drinking different things than we were used to.


I posted a review in the Melia Caribe Wedding Section on April 27th. I thought it would be important to take an excerpt of my review and post it here for potential La Barcaza customers to see…

"After wedding photos, I changed into a sun dress (and bathing suit!) and met up with our guest in front of the Turey Resturant…where I found Angelica getting all my guests ready/organized for the sun set cruise. La Barcaza was the company that we used for this service. Guests boarded a small boat which transported everyone to the large catermaran…we needed approx. 5 trips back and forth to get everyone to the boat (approx. 15 guests fit on the small boat a one time). Cost was $35/person for the cruise.

The sun set cruise was sooooo much fun. There was dancing, drinking and parting! The staff on the boat were really great. I was able to plug in my IPOD to play music, which was necessary because their music was a little dated and would have put everyone to sleep. Our tour lasted approx. 2.5hrs and we stopped at a natural pool for some swimming which was fun! Flori was who I corresponded with leading up to the wedding day; she was great to work with. I brought juice and vodka, since the boat only served rum, whiskey and soft drinks, for the boat and Flori gladly had the bar tender serve it for us.

Unfortunately, I did run into a problem with Flori at the very end of our tour…when my bridesmaids were collecting our stuff to leave the boat they couldn’t find 2 parasols and 3 of our bouquets. One bridesmaid snuck into the kitchen area (where guests couldn’t go) and found the parasols and 2 of the bouquets in one of the cupboards! I approached Flori and asked her about what the girls had found and she said she didn’t know anything about it. At this point I was still missing one bouquet. After some back and forth I told Flori that I wasn’t getting off the boat until I found the last bouquet; at which point she turned into a cupboard, lifted some linens, pushed aside some dishes and pulled out the bouquet!!! What was she thinking… Our time on the boat would have been perfect if this didn’t happen. All I have to say to other brides is ‘keep an eye on your stuff’ if you use this boat service!"


wow…unbelievable, if this is true thats about as low as you can get. I was really considering looking into this option down the road. Even a hint of something like this is enough to keep me away. You think it was a cook? did she seem to know that that the last bouquet was in that specific cupboard?


I’ll be using this service in June, perhaps one of the guests put the bouquets there so they wouldnt get lost or blown away. This is really the first negative thing I’ve heard about Barcaza. I dont take every comment on here at face value, but I’ll definitely have my guard up now, thanks for the heads up.


I would leave your guard up as well. My photographer had set a bag down near the kitchen and it also disappeared. Luckily it was just the gift bag that I had given her and her hat that she put into it and none of her camera equipment. We looked all over the boat (except the kitchen) and could not find it. I didn’t give it a second thought that the crew would have taken it, but after I read PECgirl’s review, I now wonder if that’s what happened to the bag. I can’t say that’s what happened because I don’t have proof, but just be careful. That being said, I probably would still recommend La Barcaza. You may want to mention some of these things to Flori just to let her know you’ve heard some bad things so she’ll know you’re guard is up.


also when do you pay for the remainder of the balance, the day of?


To my disappointment Flori knew exactly where the last bouquet was located…Flori pulled out the bouquet in front of me! Plus the kitchen area is in a spot that guests can’t go…there’s no way a guest put the bouquets and parasols in the kitchen cupboard.

I don’t want to take away from the boat experiance…the three hour boat ride was amazing and so much fun…only the last 5 minutes when we were getting off the boat is when things got a little sketchy. It’s just disappointing that something like this would happen. Sad for them because they have a fairly good reputation.

I’m not trying to sway anyones decisions about using or not using the boat…I’m just saying BEWARE and keep an eye on your stuff! That’s all.


I met with Flori 2 days before the wedding and I paid most of the balance to her then. I didn’t have the exact change for her so she allowed me to get change and bring it to her the day that we used the boat. I also decided to have her supply wine on the boat, and she was able to handle that at the last minute. I paid her for that the day of as well. She charged $20 a bottle, which was a bit high, but at that point I didn’t want to deal with it. That was the same price for some of the wines at the supermarket and I didn’t want to have worry about getting it on the boat.


We enjoyed the Sunset and I was thanked by all the people who really enjoyed themselves. Everything that Flori promised happened.

The whole Trip was well planned and organized.

The Natural swimming was just wonderful. The weather, the boat, the scenery, the music and the dinner was perfect.

I invite all the people to know this wonderful tour and to enjoying the whole family in this beautiful reception, where they offer a perfect service and the team are very nice.



We had out wedding on May 16 and had the Barcaza for a 2:00 to 5:00 lunch cruise. Everything was perfect!! The crew fantastic and we can’t say a single bad word about anything related to the boat. We had chosen the chicken and beef grill with the open bar and it was excellent. Everyone there had a great time, and pretty much everyone went into the natural pool.

We also had a dinner at el Guarapo and it paled in comparison to the boat. The Guarapo was a very boring event, very forgetable. I would highly recommend that anyone contemplating the boat to take the boat. If you haven’t considered the Barcaza at all, I highly encourage you to do so.

Now for the biggest thing. We had a problem with Delta in that they overbooked their flight, so my brother, sister and her two kids missed our ceremony, but they got there shortly before the boat left. The Melia is a big place and we couldn’t find them. Flori said that they would wait until they got there and she actually left the boat herself and went to the resort to find them and find them she did. That to me, was well beyond anything I could have expected from them.



janet…im so sorry to hear your family members missed the ceremony.

we had an issue with US Air…well, it wasnt us who had an issues, rather other people. US Air overbooked and EIGHT PEOPLE were left stranded.

i just dont get how they can overbook flights.

anyway, im glad they were able to make it to the boat!


Great review Janet, thats really nice what Flori did, glad they were there for the reception.


Just got back from our wedding in Punta Cana. We rented the La Barcaza Yacht for our wedding reception. It was wonderful! Everything went just as planned. Flori, the wedding coordinator is so helpful and sweet. We met with her on our resort a couple of days before the reception to go over the details.

We were picked up at our resort at 4:30, arrived to the boat by 5:15. Our guests were so impressed! The boat is very nice and did not need much decoration. Our hotel (Gran Bahia) allowed us to take the flowers from the wedding onto the boat.

The evening started with taking pictures and cocktails for about an hour. The scenery is so beatiful! The ocean is so clear with rows of palm trees and beach w/o hotels, in the background. (BTW…The photographer on the boat was wonderful. Our pictures from the boat were so beautiful! They were very artistic. He got some really great shots! Very high quality photos. I would definitely recommend purchasing pictures).

We then all changed from our wedding outfits to our swimming suits. We then all got into the water at the natural swimming pool. very beautiful place to stop. We got back on the boat for dinner. We choose the mixed grill. The food and service was fantastic. Everyone was raving about it. It was the best meal the entire week. We watched the sunset and then got back in the water for a short while. We then had dessert and up to the top of the boat for dancing!

It was an amazing time! I would highly recommend using the Yacht for your wedding reception! It was such a great experience! Our guests had the time of their lives! They said this was the best wedding reception they had ever been to! Please let me know if you would like more details!


iowastate…do you have any pictures online for us to see?? share! :slight_smile:


Hey Ladies!
I have my dated tentatively holding…now I just have to transfer the deposit money over to them. I have a question specifically for Canadian ladies who have done this.

The info. Flori sent over lists US banks…is it a problem to transfer from our banks? What have all you canadian ladies done…please share!


I went to the bank on Saturday hoping to do the transfer…they said the info. Flori sent over did not have everything they need. How did you other Canadian ladies get this done? I’ve emailed Flori and am just waiting for her to reply with the extra info.


Well we booked La Barcaza for our wedding reception! The wire transfer was not as difficult from Canada at all. I’m so excited!

iowastate21 - do you have any pics you can email from your reception on the boat??


Congrats :slight_smile: We are strongly considering having a cruise on the La Barcaza for the welcome party for our guests, a night dinner cruise with dancing on the top deck. My question is how much of a deposit do they require to hold your spot on the boat? I am very concerned that my wedding is not until March 27, 2009, and that the company running the boat could conceivably be out of business by then, taking my money with them. Its not like here in the US where I could take them to court pretty easily, either. Get back to me if you don’t mind, and congrats again!


I sent them $220 for a deposit. I think it’s normally something like 20% or something…but since we are still not certain of the number attending I was just asked to send this amount to secure our spot. We will figure out all of the final details upon arrival. Good luck with your plans.