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La Barcaza Yacht


This thread was getting pretty far down the line…haven’t there been any brides recently that had their reception on La Barcaza that would like to share?


I just sent in my deposit for the boat last week. I am still waiting for confirmation from Flori but am very happy with their quick responses so far.

When we booked the melia I read through every piece of information they sent me before making our final decision (unfortuanly, I wasn’t aware that this site existed yet!) but no where in the “free wedding” documentation did it say that the alacarte restaurants where you would have your private reception can only accomidate 30 max people… by the time I found that out we had 37 people booked. I looked at the prices for the private reception (inclding charges for the bar which are frustrating on an all inclusive resort), then thankfully I read the information on this site about Labarcaza - and decided this would be the best bang for our buck!

I have heard of lots of brides doing their full meals on the boat or doing their reception at the resorts than just using the boat as a party boat … just one other option that we are doing…

We are having our ceremony at 4pm (which should be done by 5ish…accounting for the lateness of the minister)
–> Then big group/family pictures around the gazebo
–>Then while the bridal party does some pics down by the beach we are advising our guests to make their own dinner plans as they wish (which will take up that time while we’re doing pictures)
Then we’re meeting at the beach for 7pm where we will board the boat for a 3 hour cruise with drinks, apps, cake, speeches, dancing etc…

So far all of the guests who we have told about this idea are very excited about it! They actually like the idea of having thier own dinners as they wish (which I thought would get mixed reviews) but they said that it will be more relaxed than a big formal dinner and everyone can have something that they like (Plus my more “frugal” side of the family pointed out that they were paying for that dinner anyways, why should I have to pay for another meal lol=)

Naturally people will sign up for alacartes in groups for that dinner slot. Anyways, just another option that I hadn’t heard mentioned yet.


Quick question - I am concerned that the boat will be extremely hot for my June 20th wedding next year. I am scheduled for 1pm at the Melia and because of the early hour I am confused about what to do after the wedding. I think jumping on a boat around 3pm might be really hot. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of timing dilemma, and if so, what are different options?


I think I would be concerned with heat at that time of day as well. The La Barcaza does stop/anchor at a spot where everyone can get out and swim…I know some brides have done this. Have you considered changing your ceremony time to later so you can get on the boat later? Are you having a legal or symbolic ceremony? We are getting married at 4pm and boarding the boat at 7pm…I wanted to miss the heat as well. Of course you could keep your 1pm ceremony time and allow your guests to enjoy the afternoon themselves while you do pictures and what not. Maybe you could have your coctail hour at 5/5:30 where everyone could meet back up for cocktails before loading onto the boat for 7pm when it’s cooler. Just some ideas. Good luck with what you decide. :slight_smile:


Question about the boat’s mixed grill selections (chicken, beef or vegtables) for $55 per person for the duration of the cruise?

has anyone had the food - how is it? How is the food prepared? The email I got from Flori was very vague.


I’m not sure what you mean - $55 per person for the duration of the cruise?
I know the cost is $55/pp. I’m pretty sure it’s a plated meal - and the cost includes your beverages as well for the duration of the boat cruise. I’ve heard the food is good and I believe it is prepared on the boat (it is equipped with a kitchen).


Yes, sorry - duration of the cruise.

FOR ANY BRIDES WHO HAVE DONE THE BARCAZA AS THEIR RECEPTION - what is the most cost effective way to do the symbolic ceremony only at the Melia for approx 40 ppl?

Also - are there any other fees for La Barcaza? What about tipping? What are most people doing (range)?

Thank you!


Has anyone been corresponding with Flori lately? I haven’t heard back on an email I sent earlier this week. :frowning:


Hi everyone,

We are having a sunset cruise with our guests on the boat the night before our wedding. I sent down my deposit but does anyone know how we pay the balance? I wonder if we can use a credit card or check.



I asked this very question. I’ve copied and pasted Flori’s reply;



Hi, we have booked the bboat for our wedding reception in February 2009. Does anyone know what table decorations they have available if any? or what have people taken to decorate the tables?


Hi, i definitely recommend to everybody to use the services of the photographer on the boat.
He was wonderful and took some great shots. It cost only 250$ for a DVD with all the pictures (about 250) + a Slideshow + 20 prints!!!
You just have to tell Flori you want the photographer.
Sunset is the best moment for the trip on the boat…


Just wanted to let you girls know that we had our wedding reception on La Barcaza on December 11 2008. It was amazing! We did the dinner cruise from 5:30pm - 8:30pm. The food was delicious, the service amazing and the atmosphere was more than we had hoped! It was a full moon that night and the moon lit up the ocean…it was absolutely beautiful! The staff on board are very attentive and went above and beyond.
A special “shout out” to our on board photographer (I’m sorry your name escapes me) who was also spectacular…he took hundreds of beautiful shots and like pp mentioned, it was $250 for a DVD with all pics, a DVD slideshow and 20 8x10 prints!
All 26 of our guests were thrilled with our choice to hold our wedding reception on La Barcaza. We highly recommend this to everyone…whether it be for your wedding reception or an afternoon/evening cruise for pleasure! (Special thanks to Flori for arranging everything and Chris, our on board host…you guys rock!)


Is there a website for La barazca? This sounds liek an excellent option.
If I have more than 24 people at the wedding and do my reception on the boat, does anyone know the surcharge for the extra people. The packet I received did not have extra prices.


La Barcaza website;


Hi All,

There hasn’t been too much on this thread lately but I was hoping that someone could answer a few questions for me. We are having a sunset cruise the night before our wedding. Do they have candles on the tables or some type of decoration or is this extra? Also, I know that they serve Coke on the boat but, do they have Diet Coke also. I know kinda dumb question but I have a few people who only drink Diet soda.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


Hi lookinforfun;
We had our wedding reception on La Barcaza last month which began at sunset…beautiful. I don’t believe they have candles available…I don’t think they would work either since it’s nice and breezy out on the boat. We had floral arrangements for each of our tables and an arrangement at the bar…they were extra. I can’t remember exactly how much…I’d have to check my receipts. If memory serves me correctly they had diet coke but to be sure I’d just email Flori…she’s amazing!


Thanks electracity017! Hey did you post any pictures? I would love to see them!


electracity017: hey girl, how’s it going? how’s married life?
I am just having my reception dinner at Melia, but was wondering if you knew since you were just on the La Barcaza if they only have big events, like your reception, or if they have day or dinner cruises? I think it would be fun to go out on their boat just me and FI while we’re down there. Thanks!


Hi Natalie.

Married life is good…not much has changed…lol!

I’m not sure if La Barcaza does private cruises for couples…they may have a minimum number of people or a minimum cost so it is worth their while.

How are your wedding plans coming along…getting excited I’m sure!