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La Barcaza Yacht


I am going to send La Barcaza an email, just wanted to see if there was any insider info before I did :slight_smile:

Wedding plans are coming along great…I feel like I’m kind of in a stand still right now. Feel like I should be doing more, but don’t know what. I have my first dress fitting in a few weeks. Sending the invitations this weekend. Waiting on RSVP #'s before I start buying most of my OOT welcome bag stuff…



I inquired about the boat to see you could go on as a couple.

Flori replied with “We just work with private group.The minimum number of guest allowed on the boat is 20. You have to confirm the final number of guest and we can make a price for you.”

I was a bit disappointed because it would have been a great thing to do as a couple. Hope this info helps.


Thanks shelleb for emailing them, you’re awesome! :slight_smile:

Ahh poo…that stinks they don’t do just couples and only do groups.


Hi I’m knew to the forum. I’m would like to have a cocktail sunset cruise the day before my wedding. Flori e-mailed me on how to send the 20% reservation fee, but I don’t understand it. Can someone tell me to go about sending the reservation fee? and what time is the sunset cruise


Hi fordford,

We are having a sunset cruise the night before our wedding also. I just took all of the bank information that Flori sent and went to my bank and they did the wire transfer for me, it was very easy. So just take the info to the bank and they will help you. Our sunset cruise is from 6pm until 9pm.



Thanks lookinforfun, I was totally confused. I wonder why Flori gave us only 2hrs instead of 3hrs our cruise is from 5pm-7pm. Are you having a cocktail cruise?


We are having a dinner cruise, its $55.00 a person for the food, soda, beer and rum. Are you having just a cocktail cruise? I didn’t realize that was an option or I probably would have done that!


we are just having cocktails maybe thats why our cruise is two hours. The cocktail cruise is $35.00 per person, we figured we would have rehearsal, dinner, and then leave for the cruise.
I see you are from NY, I’m originally frrom Long Island. I moved to GA 4yrs ago.


That sounds great, the cruise should be really fun. When and where are you getting married? My guests and I are staying at the Melia and we are getting married at the Jelly Fish restaurant on April 24th. I’m from Westchester County and have family in Long Island.


We’re getting married at the Riu Palace Punta Cana with approximately 30 guest so far, my RSVP are due by the end of the month and we will honeymoon at the paridises palm real. We will be in Dominican Republic for ten days. Our wedding date is April 18th. We thought about having our wedding at the Jellyfish but Riu did not offer the free ceremony,we had to buy a package, whether we were having the reception there or not. I wish I knew that before because the Melia has a beautiful gazebo and the Jellyfish looks really nice. We will probably eat dinner there one night.


Did anyone use wedo to do the translation and legalization of their paperwork? If so how much do they charge?


I just sent you a PM…let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi all La Barcaza brides - just wanted to say hi and see how planning is progressing for everyone? I’ve just booked for November and I’m really excited! It looks like the yacht will be a fantastic option and memorable for everyone!


Hi, I am having a rehearsal dinner on the yacht on April 23rd. Does anyone know who and how much I should tip? Thanks!!


How was your rehearsal dinner on LaBarcaza? I hope your experience was as amazing as ours!
(P.S. I’m so sorry to hear about your reception at The Jellyfish…I’m glad you made the best of it though)


I second electricity’s opinion of La Barcaza, it was amazing! We and our guests loved it.

We decided that we’d make our trip more memorable by doing a sunset dinner cruise the evening after the wedding as a thank-you to our guests for coming such a long way to share in our day. We are not doing an AHR.

We met with Flori three days before the cruise and to make final payment. She explained how the evening would go and described the boat in terms of set-up and the itinerary (asked if we needed extras like flowers for tables and photographer). We arranged to meet on the beach at the end of the Melia resort (close to the Jellyfish restaurant) for pickup. Mental note, the boat that ferries you out to the La Barcaza has high sides for us shorter people and it is hard climbing in with a dress.

You sail along the coast past other resorts to the natural swimming pool where you stop for about an hour before having dinner. The swim in the natural pool was beautiful. The guests that didn’t come in the water spent their time up top on the coaches chatting, taking photo’s and laughing at us in the water.

For dinner, we went with the Open Bar Grill option. Dinner of the grilled chicken and beef with a salsa and plantain was delicious. Dessert of caramelized pineapple was even better.

It was nice way to spend more quality time with our guests and they thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and the meal. The crew and Chris the manager are really friendly and make the trip even more fun. If it is in your budget, you might want to consider it as an option.


I agree with shelleb, the boat is amazing! Our rehearsal dinner was fabulous, everyone raved about the boat. My only regret was not doing our wedding on the boat. The host Chris took such great care of us as did the entire crew. The service was spectacular and they all paid extra special attention to my 83 year old grandmother which was so great! Anyone consider doing this will not regret it.


I sent you a PM…let me know if you have any specific questions and I can email you.


Hi Everyone!
I am so very excited as we’ve booked both our wedding and reception with La Barcaza for Jan 13 2010.
We will be staying at the Iberostar Bavaro. Our wedding will be on Jellyfish Beach and then we board the boat for our sunset cruise and reception.
Can’t wait!!


I just wanted to let everyone know that I used La Barcaza for a sunset cruise the day after my wedding in Sept 2009. It was a FABULOUS experience! Flori is very sweet, attentive and accomodating. The boat is wonderful - definitely the best looking boat that we saw! Everyone just loved this experience. My husband and I paid for our guests as a thank you for attending our wedding. They in turn were very grateful to us for the experience. We went with the open bar and grill and it was fantastic. The swim in the natural pool was paradise! After dinner, everyone went to the top deck, talked, relaxed and enjoyed the sunset. It was amazing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.