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La Barcaza


Thanks to Flori and the staff of La Barcaza Wedding Boat for making our Wedding a dream come true!!! Review and pictures to follow soon.



Congratulations ;D


Congrats Hula, looking forward to the follow up


We had La Barcaza charter a trip for all of our guests the day after our wedding. We had an amazing time! The staff is full of energy, they were so much fun to be with. The food was the best we had the whole week we stayed in the Dominican. The boat was huge, beautifully decorated, and clean. The staff was more than accomodating to all of our guests (young and old). We had SO much fun! Our guests are STILL talking about it! I highly recommend hiring this company!


This was the perfect venue for our wedding, it is a great way to spend a day or evening and worth every penny it cost…I would not hesitate to recommend La Barcaza.



La Barcaza

Krista and Ian Jan 22 2012

We were getting married at Dreams Palm Beach in Punta Cana and we had a fair sized group attending our wedding from 8 different cities. We had many people who were going to be spending the week with us and many of them who would not know anyone else.

We decided that we wanted to do a group event and we had been on “party boats” before and thought that it would be a good idea, but we wanted something private, I found this website and read the testimonials and I was pretty much sold! I was also a member of many destination wedding websites and this company came up often and always with great reviews.

I emailed Flori and she responding quickly with availability and a quote. We checked with our guests and over half of the group was excited to attend. The price was fantastic. We sent a deposit through our bank and Flori set up a meeting with us the day after we arrived in Punta Cana so we could give her final payment and go through what was going to happen the day of the tour. She was very professional. We expressed a concern that we had someone with an allergy to pineapple because they were going to be serving a pineapple flambé. She changed the menu for us and everyone got a banana flambé instead. This was great.

The day of the tour we were picked up by a private bus and brought to the beach were they moor the boat. We were greeted by Jorge who brought us down to the beach where there is a small boat that takes you to the big boat. We were a bit concerned because we had some elderly people with us that that we not so steady on their feet. No concerns though because Jorge our got everyone in the boat safely he even lifted a few people into the boat to make it easier on them. We had a big enough group that we had to make 2 trips. Once we arrived we were greeted by Flori’s husband Fabrice and the rest of the crew. They were welcoming and ready to please. They had beautiful tables set for lunch on the main deck, a bar stocked and ready with the special drink of the day. (I can’t remember what it was called but it was delicious). We headed upstairs to a beautiful second deck with huge plush seating and the best view. Everything was spotless, including the washrooms
They had music on and everyone enjoyed the music; we were ready for a great afternoon. At the natural swimming pool most of our guests got into the water; people swam around, played Frisbee, volley ball or snorkeled around. The water was clear blue, shallow and we were in heaven. We were there for quite some time, while the chef was busy preparing a fabulous lunch.

Once we were all done swimming and dried off lunch was served. We each were served 2 beef and 2 chicken brochettes and the best salad that I have ever had. Each table was also served a couple plates of French fries. Once we were done they served banana flambé to everyone and we were off again. The music was back on and the dancing began, Jorge grabbed our eldest guest at 78 years old and had her up dancing, she was having such a blast and we were all so happy that he included her in the fun. Mamajuana shots were flowing – including a toast for the bride and groom to be - and everyone danced.

When we got back everyone was sad that it was over. Again Jorge was a superstar in helping people into the small boat and bringing them back to shore. Bus ride back was a bit louder as everyone was so excited by the wonderful afternoon that we had.

I would recommend this company to everyone ***** 5 stars out of 5 ***** for service, quality and bang for your buck. Most people commented that it was the best meal of the trip and the highlight of their week.

Thank you La Barcaza for such a wonderful experience!


La Barcaza
Katharin and Ryan April 2012


If you are thinking about having your reception and/or ceremony aboard La Barcaza, DO IT! Don’t think again and don’t wait. I promise you and your guests will have the most memorable time of your life!

We just got married this past April and had our ceremony at Melia Caribe. We wanted something different for our reception, as well as an option that wouldn’t be hot for our guests. I knew by picking a tropical location, the heat would be something to contend with. But we did not want an indoor reception…we are in the DR after all! :slight_smile:

I found La Barcaza by playing around on the internet…the reviews were phenomenal. I couldn’t find anything negative, not even one thing! (Now I know why…there is NOTHING bad to say!) I emailed Flori and she was very prompt in getting back to me! Flori is SO AWESOME to work with!!! I can’t say enough good things about her…or the entire staff for that matter! We had to juggle our date between Melia and La Barcaza and Melia’s responses were slow, but Flori was easy to deal with. I was stressing that we’d miss one date waiting on Melia and keep going round and round, but Flori eased my nerves and in the end it was all PERFECT.
We had 20 people including ourselves and did the full carribean grill and added the full open bar (with vodka). The food was delicious! Everyone raved about it! Flori had our cake transferred from Melia to the boat…we didn’t have to do a thing. They handled it all.
Our reception was from 4:30 to 7:30 and how I wish we had another hour aboard! We did our dances on the top level and it was so incredible! I can’t get over how beautiful the pictures are! Followed by toasts upstairs, then headed downstairs for dinner. We were able to do one large table, by Flori’s suggestion, and it was perfect. Our family and friends were intergrated, not one table was ‘having more fun than the other’ situation. Jorge was our coordinator, and we LOVE Jorge!!! He is so much fun and so crucial to your event! Wow, I cant’ say enough good things about Jorge either! He carried me (and the groom and mutiple guests including the men) from the small boat to shore. Such a sweetheart! He dances with the guests, arranges all your music, serves your food, etc. AWESOME!!
We ran out of time to swim but that was just fine! Even a storm came up on us, and I’m telling you it made the night. It was windy and rainy and NO ONE CARED! It made us dance more! My 12 pound dress turned into what felt like 25 pounds but we were having so much fun it didn’t matter.
I tell you all this because us and our guests had the best time and I want to share that with others so they can too! Our guests tell us it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to and that is such an amazing feeling to know that. The pictures tell the story! EVERYONE IS HAVING A BLAST!!!
Like the above post said, best bang for your buck!! 100 out of 100 stars! And many of our guests said it was best meal and highlight too!

THANK YOU LA BARCAZA!! You made our wedding day :slight_smile:


We also had an amazing time on La Barcaza!!! Our wedding was at the Majestic Colonial on May 29th, 2012, and we treated our guests to a fun reception on the wedding boat. We had an absolute blast! Flori is awesome to work with, the drinks were perfect, and the Dominican Snack option was perfect (and delicious) especially since we were headed back to the Majestic for dinner that night. George was our guide on our journey, and made sure each and every guest had a great time! We are so happy with our experience on La Barcaza! A huge thank you to the whole crew!!
Shelie & Travis


We just wanted to send along our sincere thanks and highest praise for a wonderful experience! We had our sunset boat cruise rehearsal dinner on La Barcaza on Saturday, May 12th, 2012. All 80 of our wedding guests attended and had a fantastic evening thanks to the professionalism of the wonderful crew and our fabulous host, Jorge! The boat was beautiful, the food and drinks were great and far exceeded our expectations. Even the decorations on the serving table were lovely! We had a wonderful time swimming in the natural pool and the cruise was the perfect way to spend time with our friends and family the night before our wedding. We can’t thank you enough for a genuinely fantastic evening and sincerely appreciate the hard work of the crew in making it such a memorable evening.

We want to share our praise far and wide!

Thank you again for everything!

David & Rebecca Sullivan