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Lai Lai Restaurant

Is this the Red Chinese restaurant on the main strip, opposite side of the street near the market, has anybody eaten there and how was it

Yes it is.

its near the 18th street.

I went on Dec 29th. I was actually surprised at the food.

We had chineese dumplings, chineese won tons, peking rice, fried shrimps, terryaki chicken and 4 glasses of wine for 35$ (tips included)

Food was way better than expected and could very well be compared to chineese food here.

Too bad we forgot to take a picture of the menu :frowning:

Might have to give it a shot how did you like Villa Cuba

Was alright. The room we got (villa next to the beach) had great location + balcony. Little bit tiny but hey, who spends his time in his room anyway?! Food at buffet was so-so, but the a-la-carte were great. Bars were ok, quick service all the time. Coffee bar was a plus. Beach was great. If the price is right I’d go back.

excellent food at the LAI LAI… great prices… they go to CHINA to learn how to cook… hot sauce… it is TASBASO SAUCE… it is the resturant with the large stone fence around it… the PAMA REAL is probadly your best hotel for the money… great staff… this is our 4th time in that hotel… this time there will be 13 of us all at once… FEB 20TH

Hope you guys don’t mind!

I’ve taken your comments about Lai Lai and added them to the new Varadero Restaurant List in the Cuba FAQ scetion.

If anyone has comments/reviews for any of the restaurants listed, I’d love to include those on the master list as well. Just send me a PM.

Here’s the link to the restaurant list:

It’s not on the beach