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Laptops at airport security

This will be the first time I am taking my mini laptop along and wonder about the airport xray scanning. It is small and fits in my carry-on, do I just pass it thru that way or will it harm the computer in any way? I know our digital cameras go thru fine.

Laptops should be removed from your carry-on. They also seem to like them removed from their carry case so they can go through the xray separately. The xray won’t hurt your laptop.

yes Bob,
they need to be removed from the luggage and taken out of their case,
they pass the x-ray in a separate box and the battery needs to have enough charge left to start the laptop if the staff asks for that.

True. That applies to all your electronics. You should be prepared to turn it on and demonstrate that it works. So far I’ve not been asked, but the possibility certainly exists.

Thanks guys, I assume that is at both legs of the trip?

One would think so, but the last time I flew out of the DR I took my laptop out as described. The security guy told me I didn’t have to bother doing that … ::slight_smile:
The time before I had to.
Take it out and put it in the basket by itself and you can’t really go too far wrong.

Thanks again Bob,
yes one never knows if we will have to show the item, as you say best to go ahead and be ready. Since mine is small … size of a book… it is easy to get in and out of my carry-on, case is just a slip on jacket type .

Enjoy your upcoming trip(s) :slight_smile:

The US airports are worse. Last time through I had my laptop in the carry-on, so I found myself juggling the carry-on, the laptop case, the laptop and my shoes (which also had to be taken off and x-rayed). If they’d asked for the camera I would have run out of hands …

maybe they should just process us thru naked :o
with all our belongings in the dang basket…nothing to hide that way…lol

I know the first cpl trips i was disorganized and it left me in a muddle … but since I have gotten smarter and am more prepared at the security checks. at least i’d like to think so! :wink:

[quote=@lovethesummer]maybe they should just process us thru naked :o

Dang, never a camera around when you need one…

Film and story at 11

ok just getting my carry-on bag ready and am wondering about the power cord for my laptop. Can i put this in my carry-on as well? what about the usb for the camera too. I sure don’t want to have already checked my luggage and then get told I needed to put the cords in there.

The cords are part of the equiment, you should have no problems with them.