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Does anyone know how to tell if the beach vendors are selling real Larimar or not. I was told real larimar does not melt but who carries a lighter with them. No smokers with us.

In my experience, the vendors usually have lighters and will hold them up to the stones. But do beware of jewellery sold on the beach.

Well, it is better than the good old days (say 30 years ago). Then, the ‘K’ stamped on the setting really indicated the number of days it took your finger to turn green. 10K was 10 days, 14K was 14 days, 18K (you get the drift …)

I can offer some pictures and tips on determining real from fake if you’re interested. It’s in e-mail format so please send me a note if you’d like to receive it.

While I’ve bought other items (amber and a small diamond ring in white gold) from jewelery stores in the country, I’ve only bought my larimar from the cheaper vendors. Serves me well enough, especially when I really don’t favour the settings of some of the expensive larimar pieces.