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Last Minute Deals at X-mas


Well I think we have decided to make arrangments for our pets over the holidays and have ensured we are off work. But rather than pay full price for a trip we are going to book a week or two before and hope for a deal. Anyone ever do this around xmas and what were your results? I have been told there is lots of vacancies at the resorts, but the planes are usually full…any information appreciate. Thanks and happy monday…


IMHO, I’d book now. You already said that xmas was the only time you can get away. Flights will be jammed and most resorts will be towards the full side. We’ve been there just before xmas and the resorts were filling rapidly.


When I tried a last minute last Christmas it wasn’t looking good… everything was booked solid, even calling the resorts themselves and they were booked solid, that is unless you wanted to pay over $3800 for ONE person for ONE week… then the ONLY resort taking reservations at the last minute was the Occidental, went, it was okay but holy crap was it packed, people were physically fighting over loungers and you both couldn’t leave for lunch together, one had to stay or you’d lose your loungers on the beach… that part wasn’t fun but it was still nice to get away and enjoy seeing the fireworks down the beach from the different resorts.


I always travel during Christmas and the hotels are crowded but not awful. It’s great fun with all the families. I booked my Christmas trip this past July for a good price at Iberostar.