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Last Minute Secrets?

Hey all, anyone have an ace in the hole for last minute deals? My brother and I are looking to hook and book this week. Any great deals or agents you know of that can hook us up? Just want out of the cold… POP, PC anything decent… Thanks


There’s no secret. It’s just whatever is left in inventory and how bad they want to get rid of it … ::slight_smile:

Well ya thats how the industry works… Now who has the best prices/choices is my question

They all pretty well use the same database. I’ve had best results with SOV, YTT, Belair and iTravel2000.

I have had the best results with http://www.travellastminute.ca/tlm/search.shtml

If you find a deal anywhere else, call their 800 number and they will beat it, every dollar counts.

I also subscribe to email updates and get the specials via emails, check out the bottom right hand corner of the link given.

looks like a good site. one more bookmark on the favorites list!!

If you check out the “Last Minute” deals on Itravel2000 they show several dates in advance and multiple price choices on one page which makes it easier to search for the best deal. I also think that most of these companies now offer some kind of “lowest price guarantee” program.

Awesome advice all… Thanks so much!!! I’ll keep ya posted on where we are landing because that is where the Fiesta Grande will be!! lol

Thanks again!!!


I hope you don’t want to go Feb 14 weekend - there isn’t much left!

I want to leave tomorrow if I can lol ;D

A lot of the companies also have special deals on different days - Sunwing has one today and Transat I think was yesterday. So you will see some good deals on the discount sites that are only there for a short time.

We ended up with a Sunwing 7 day all inclusive to The Oasis in Cancun for a good deal… Not DR like we wanted, but white sand beats white snow…

Leaving tomorrow at 4:40pm from TerminHELL One in Toronto…

Hasta Luego!