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Last minute vs planned


My husband and I would like to travel to the Dom Rep for the first time over Thanksgiving '06. I noticed good deals right now on "cheapcaribbean.com so I’m wondering from you experienced travelers if it would be better to book a deal in advance
(6 months) or wait for last minute deals in November?

Also, we want an all-inclusive resort, doesn’t have to be fancy but nice, but we would like excursions and lots of things to do close by. We want the option of doing things if we don’t feel like being bums. Suggestions for resorts like this?


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A good rule-of-thumb regarding booking in advance is:

If you want a particular resort, or are not flexible in your dates, and will be disappointed if it’s not available, book in advance.

If you’re flexible, waiting closer to the travel date can be an option that may produce savings.

If you peruse the North Coast (Puerto Plata, or POP) and East Coast (Punta Cana, or PUJ) forums, you’ll find that there are several recommendations regarding which resort to choose.

Generally speaking, PUJ has the more specatcular beaches, while the POP area has more to do and see off the resort.



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We are also traveling over Thanksgiving, and we have already booked. With the gas prices going up and since that is a high travel period, we did not want to wait. Three days after we booked the price had already gone up $100 pp.


i have done it both ways before and it really comes down to if you are particular about a specific resort. If not, then wait it out as you may save a good deal of money last minute. If you are specific on a certain star rating, number of bars/restaurants, or a specific resort etc then book in advance otherwise your first choice may be sold out.


We waited last minute to get a good price on Punta Cana. This was our first time doing this.
My Fiance and I couldn’t believe the price difference in Cuba and Mexico compared to the DR.
I will be back next year, but decided to try the Mayan Riviera this year. We are not picky on what resort in the DR we wanted to go to, but the price for the Mayan was to good to give up!
Good Luck,