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Late April weather


Can someone clear something up please. We always thought (and were told)that the weather in late April in Punta Cana was less humid and relatively drier than say September,yet I read recently that April has a high rainfall record?

Given a ‘normal’ month,what should we expect


Here’s a good site to give you some statistics on rainfall and temperatures for various times of the year. Hope this helps.


Beautiful and Hot…

Can I come with you… :slight_smile:

[quote=@addydale]Beautiful and Hot…

Can I come with you… :slight_smile: [/quote]

Join the party. ;D


I have always travelled in late April (this year early May) and have always had beautiful weather. It was humid but not unbearable.

much less humidity than the summer months,
winds low,
temps mid to upper 80’s, may touch 90,
ocean calm,
no remarcable rains
happy travel

My kind of weather… one of the reasons we booked in April this year. But any holiday in PC is great, no matter what month it is, right? :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Was in PC this past April and only rained once at night…beautiful weather the whole week.