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Leave early/leave late?

A little survey for ya!
do you prefer to leave home very early in the morning to go to your destination, and leave the destination early on your way home, or do you prefer to leave home late afternoon/evening and get to your destination at night, with your last day of vacation being an entire day at the resort before going to the airport? just curious!

Prefer leaving early and getting there early. Sometimes with the late flight home, you have to leave the resort early and you end up spending most the day at the airport.
Just 1 person’s opinion.


thats true now that i think of it, they usually want you out of the room by noon!! so its hard to enjoy the resort when you’re in your ‘"go-home’’ clothes!!

Late … we just came back on Saturday … the bus picked us up at the resort at 7pm for a 10:20pm flight … it was great, we had the whole day on the beach, quick shower changed into jeans etc at 5pm and went to the lobby bar until the bus arrived … yes we had to check out of our room at noon but they lock you things up and had showers etc for use …

Early, it’s nice to have some day light to drive home if you live a couple of hours out of Toronto. Hi Hula, nice meeting you & hubby last week.

My flight out is normally morning so I set off very early hours to make sure I’m at the airport with hours to spare, I don’t want to risk my coach getting stuck in traffic on the motorway (1.15am coach from Milton Keynes, Gatwick by 3.00am, check-in from 6.00ish, flight 9.30) arriving late lunch time in the DR. Return is the opposite, check out 3.00pm, flight 6.00pmish UK 7.30am the next day or thereabouts, bear in mind we have 8.5-9 hour flights and 4/5 hour time difference, makes it all a little complicated but I’ve got it all right so far!

( I did make a slight miscalculation during my last trip when I didn’t notice I had got 15 days holiday not the 14 I thought I’d booked, I would have looked rather silly being ready for checkout 24 hours early!!!)

Cheers Amandalou :-*

I’d like to go early and leave late but given the choice, I’d rather both be early.

I prefer to enjoy the first day and then have a nice sleep rather than enjoy the last day and then have to travel home.

Plus I usually get my room right away or after a very short wait as opposed to losing my room for several hours on the last day.

It’s great for me with the DR an hour ahead now so my room is more likely to be ready and the return flight is an hour later after 12.
I grab a cab and leave the resort around 11 so I have time for a nice breakfast and some time to relax and say good-byes plus I don’t have to stand in line or sit around the airport too long.

It was great meeting you and your family too.

We got to meet xtankers’s daughter while in Punta Cana enjoying herself before she has to return for her second tour of duty in Afghanistan, this young girl is there making sure that our world is a safer place to live. We thank her for all that she is doing for our great Country and pray that she will return home safe…


Earlier the better. However: getting at 2-3 pm in a resort might be 5-6 by the time you get in your room. It happened more then once: the room wasn’t ready, they want to do the extra decorations, or no clean bed sheets etc… So then the best we could do to have our swim gear in carry on, change in the washroom and one by one take a swim in the big water.
And coming back early: sometimes you have to leave the resort before the bar getting open, so dehydrating is the danger…
Later: no problem getting there, usually a restaurant, snack bar is still can serve you something, and also a bar or disco is still open to have a drink.
For sure the room is ready, so that’s good. You are (unless you know already the place from previous experience) like blind folded trying to locate your building etc. If anything is wrong with your room, is not likely you can change it late evening, or night time. So that’s the bad.
For leaving late: good you still can have a swim, lunch and have a couple drinks. But getting home at small hours has some other inconveniences, maybe in the morning you have to go to work already… ouch!
To be honest: in more than half of our trips we start early. We got there not so early…
We left early and we got home late.
But we still going, regardless of history in our departure/arrival time
Hard to pick the better one, we hope will be better then last time…


We hate arriving someplace new in the dark. We only had one late departure, and we hated not having a room to relax in.



I like leaving here at night and arriving in the wee hours of the morning. You have a drink or two then crawl into bed and when you wake up in the morning you are all refreshed and ready to start your vacation. When you check out of your room you can still enjoy everything the hotel has to offer in your shorts and tank top, change into your flight clothes just before the bus comes for you. A late night flight also saves a day of vacation leave, I get off work @3:00, get home for a quick shower and change of clothes before heading to the airport.

Early -like to get there in the daylight to check out the lay of the land and coming back as Joe said…it’s back to work so this works best for me. :slight_smile:

The earlier the better. We have a short flight, so can be on the beach by lunch time!

late, this way I have the whole day to relax in the sun before going to the airport. And since arriving in Toronto at 1am there is no traffic on the roads to deal with. I also book the next day off so I can sleep in !

I like to leave home early, its not a long flight so we can hit the beach when we arrive. On the way home I dont really care…both ways are fine…we didn`t leave our resort till around 9:00pm this year,so we got the extra day on the beach.The only down side is that I find it hard to sleep on the plane…

I want both, is this greedy:)

early, i hate getting to the hotel in the dark, especially if its a new place.

Early for us too, hate hanging around. Up, shower, airport, off. But, I will take anytime as long as I’m going.

Edited to add: Change my flight times as often as you want, just don’t cancel my vacation??