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Leaving in 6 1/2 hours! and THANKS


;DWe are leaving a little later today and want to tell everyone here thanks for all the help and advice over the past 11 months or so. Extra thanks to Wud, mommacat and Bob from Canada - who have helped me with all my questions here and on other forums

Landing in DR tomorrow at 12:45pm !


That’s what the forums are all about.
Have a great trip and a few drinks for me. ;D


sure betty rub it in!! lol, just joking, have fun and a safe trip. be at breeze April 1st!!!



where are you going, we are leaving monday for San Juan


We are leaving in 5 hours and will be in Puerto Plata at about 9:30 tonight. Yippppeeeeee!!! ;D :sunglasses:


betty is going to breezes POP


Hi all - driver should be here at 1:30 and then off to pick up parents and a couple of friends. Weather here is pretty bad with white out conditions and high winds…NOT FUN.

Will be landing at POP tomorrow and cant wait. Will try to get a couple of wedding pics for you Michelle
talk to everyone when we get back. I have to get online once during my stay and will TRY and pop in here and say hello


Have a great vacation bettyb2 enjoy your stay at Breezes


Bon Voyage!!


are you there yet??


Bye Betty, If I was any help to you at all it was my pleasure! Would have been great to have met you. I am sure you will enjoy your stay and the weather will be beautiful. I wish I was still there! Work, snow, rain, grey-all 4 letter words! Give my best to Colleen and Mark, Karen, Linda. Give Rony at the Beach Bar a kiss from Cat, watch out for his sidekick Andre-he is a real Casanova!. If you get an opportunity to dance with him-go for it. Andre is a dance instructor as well. Tell Rony Lyle and I will be sending him a letter shortly and to keep up with his math teachings.

So jealous! Have a wonderful trip!


heyBetty could you give us some feedback on Breezes when you return we are leaving on the 27th for there can`t wait