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Leaving on Monday RIU Merengue


Hi, am leaving Monday.finally and have a few questions. What is the dress code for men a dinner, long pants? long sleeved shirts? Where are the best rooms, we’d love one with an oceanview? Any help greatly appreciated, can’t wait to leave this COLD!! ;D



When we were there men had to wear long pants.
Long sleeved shirts were not a necessity.

Our room was toward the back of the complex, we liked it because it was quiet. Sorry can’t help you with a ocean view room number.

Have a wonderful time,


Long pants, yes but short sleeved shirts are OK as long as they are not “muscle” shirts


Hi there,

We stayed at the Rui Bachata last year which is beside the Merengue. There are not a lot of rooms that face the Ocean there, also the main path between all the resorts runs right in front of the ocean view rooms so privacy can be an issue.



lucky lucky you! We stayed at The Bachata too but restaurants are the same dress code - long pants in the evening but shirts can be quite casual. The Merengue had some really interesting rooms facing the ocean that had palm trees growing right inside them. If anyone knows those room/block numbers i’d be interested too!