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Leaving Sunday for Cayo Coco!

;D Hola
I’m finally leaving this Sunday for 7 days of fun in the sun at Iberostar Daiquiri in Cayo Coco.
I would like to thank everybody on this forum who took the time to answer my many questions. ::slight_smile: This forum and its members are a very valuable tool and its effectiveness is amazing. Thanks again to all of you that makes this wonderful forum such a great hit!!

New Brunswick Canada

I am SO jealous… I have to wait until MAY!!! But Im counting the days anyways!!!
Have fun!!! (I know you will!)

hawkowls from one NB to another NB have a great time the daiquiri is a great resort and in 69 days it will be my turn also can you say hi to Randy and Lazaro at the pool bar from tommy boy

:slight_smile: Enjoy your trip and we look forward to your review (and maybe some pics?) when you get back. :-*

I will pass on your salutations and I will definitely do a review with some pics.


we hate you ;D we are going to ID March 21 and today in this storm it seeems soooooooo long away!! Have a wonderful time and do take some pics for us all of the renovations and maybe see how many rooms etc are redone…AND if you haven’t been to ID before don’t miss the shows!! BEST in the soutn IMO :slight_smile:

Lots of pics and reviews its the least I can do for all the help you all gave me.


I hate you too ;D, counting my seemingly endless 35 days to Ibero Playa Alameda end of March.

This is serious! Don’t forget to represent , EH? :sunglasses: … And…
leave some of the booze for the rest of us, lol!! ;D

And another thang… don’t fall asleep on the beach with your hands folded across your chest… my bro will never live that one down… 20 years later! ;D

Have a grrrrrrreat trip! :sunglasses:

Agreed!!! and check out the star friends during the day!!THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

seriously though… When I left work tonight I did a little ‘are you kidding me 71 more days in this snow! :(’

I REALLY am jealous lol :wink:

Thank you all for your kind wishes of sun bathing and the occasional drink or two or three… I will definitely check the shows that for sure. I plan on spending most of my time doing drinking, snorkeling and sun bathing but not necessarily in that order.

I guess there are some nice walking trails also. Good time to take out the field guide and binos…


ampstm: I was there several years ago and Lazaro worked there then! Cool!

ya he used to be a gardener quite a while ago and has been at the pool bar for some time now