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Leaving technology behind


My wife and I will be leaving for PC, Ibero* Bavaro, next week.

One of the many things that I’m curious about is cell phones. I wouldn’t be foolish enough to bring a laptop with me - besides, I’m on vacation. Is there any cell coverage? I’m guessing if it is it’s GSM only?


It depends on your service and provider. Sometimes you have to make special arrangements. I’m with Rogers and they tell me that my phone will work. They also added that the roaming fee was $2.99/minute plus the regular air time. You really have to want to make that call! Ergo, the phone stays home! ::slight_smile:


I was amazed… and a little disgusted with the number of people chatting on cell phones when I was last down just 3 weeks ago. British, Canadians, Americans… everyone! Sitting on the beach, or beside the pool in paradise and there were cell phones ringing all the time. I guess my definition of a vacation is a little different! My children can reach me in an emergency, and we do email regularily, but to take a cell phone on vacation is just not my idea of getting away. Okay, sorry, had to get that off my chest! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with tiggerlish!
On our last trip…
I was rudely awakened by some jerk, standing right outside our building, speaking VERY loudly on his cell phone, at 0630!
I am sure alot of people were woken up by his inconsiderate, rude, and self absorbed conversation…which went on and on…
I heard more than a few " Shut ups" being yelled in his direction.
Leave the phones at home…no social call is that important…certainely not at 0630!


We took our Cell phones with us in August. We had Verizons International plan added to our service($10 extra per month) and our calls were charged at 90 cents per minute. For 2 weeks there our calls cost us about $35. That was not bad considering we have had $100 plus phone bills for ONE week when using the resorts phones…Go Figure.

Joe & Karen :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I agree with tiggerlish too. Last year we watched one vacationer who could NOT just put the phone down. He would try, but he would just get all fidgetty and pick it up again. It was kind of amusing, in a sad way!


rob21045 - We will be at the Iberstar Bavaro from Dec 1 - Dec 15…if we are looking for you will you have your cel phone on…lol? I’ve sent you a p.m.


Bringing a cell doesn’t mean you intend to chat all day.

Verizon works, at about .69/minute; call them first to enable international dialing.


rob21045 - I know from experience GSM works in Puerto Plata and Sosua.


Bell mobility works in Punta Cana …never used it


Jimmy is correct CDMA works just fine!


If you bring a cell to connect with home I suggestion I have sen that works is a designated call time. As families are getting ready for dinner those poor family members left at home know that this is the time to call or that they will be called. Then the cell can be left in the safe and not ringing at the pool annoying everyone who has paid alot of money to get away from them.