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Leaving tomorrow and I'm SICK!

Well, we’re off tomorrow, and my son has given me a nasty flu bug. I am completely clogged up and I feel like CRAP!!

I really hope the sinus meds I bought will work, because flying while congested is no picnic.

This thing hit me on Sunday night, and just keeps getting worse, no matter what I do! UGH!!

Not a good way to start a vacation!

:-[ :stuck_out_tongue: :’(

Awwwww…sorry to hear.
Echinacea and lots of vitamin C. The sinus meds too.
Lots of rum while there to help kill any of the remaining bugs.

Hope ya feel better!

I don’t know if you have enough time, but I would go to the doctor for some antibiotics in case that head cold turns into a sinus infection while you are down there.

Good idea on the antibiotics.

You poor girl. “Been there done that” except it was Jamaica and I was going to get married. It was my first trip to the Caribbean. My first and not so normal reaction to being in lovely Jamaica was standing in the pool not wanting to get fully wet as I was freezing. (Fever). The experience was unlike anything I would have dreamt or imagined. I managed to have a wonderful week, tried not to complain to my husband to much that he’d not know how miserable I really was. Lot’s of fuzzy navels and sun helped allot. Better miserable in Cuba than miserable home. Good luck my dear…have one for me.

I am a career firefighter, trained in first aid, O2 therapy, and rapid zap (heart shocker), and from my vast experience I suggest that, as soon as you get to your hotel, start drinking heavily. Trust me, I know. This way, when your hang-over kicks in, you will forget all about your flu. Isn’t medical science wonderful.

X3 on the rum… and the sooner you start, the better!
Good luck and have fun.

Definitely check out Sinus Rinse saline rinsing system - after suffering from many sinus infections, I now swear by it and use it at the first sign of congestion, to prevent a cold from turning into a sinus infection. I also take it with me anytime I travel to Cuba.

Definitely not elegant, but it really really works and is medication-free.
And be sure to take anti-inflammatories (such as Advil, not Tylenol) to quickly relieve any inflammation and thereby reduce the risk of your cold turning into a sinus infection.

cold fx!!! cut the time in half!! it really works!!

So sorry you are feeling unwell. I can relate! On my recent Cayo Largo trip I was accompanied by two friends who arrived for our trip with nasty head colds. Of course I ended up with one…but not until mid trip. Still, it does put a damper on things. I noticed several people with colds at the resort…not a good thing when you are eating at a buffet! Do be considerate and take the hand cleaner along…and use it before handling utensils that others must touch. :smiley: I tried my best, but the Cubans are so physical in their affection, I spent a lot of time protesting “don’t touch me, don’t shake my hand, don’t kiss me…I have a cold!!!”

Oscillococcinum By Boiron is amazing. If you can start taking it wen you feel it coming on it can arrest it’s progression but if underway it will like the cold FX help shorten the duration.

Another home remedy … DO NOT DO if you have heart problems or low blood pressure. And best if some one else is at home to help. Great if your affliction is bacterial - not as good for virus - that take time

1. Make a pitcher of home made lemonade with honey (no alcohol)

2. Before you start the bath set up your bed by layering a couple of layers of blankets and on top 2 - 3 sheets.

3. Draw a bath of moderately warm to hot water and add 1 tablespoon of ginger, 1 tablespoon of Ginger and a tablespoon of dry mustard.

4 In your sink put a sheet in cold (very cold) water

5 Sit in the tub for 20 - 30 minutes and drink the lemonade. With the mustard, ginger & ginger mix it will feel quite hot. The lemonade will make you start sweating.

6 get out of the tub. This is where you need to be careful as you are going to wrap yourself in the cold sheet. This will assist in getting you to sweat off but will lower your blood pressure quickly.

7 Now go lay on your bed wrap yourself with the sheets and blankets and go to sleep for 30 min. This will elevate your temperature and if it is bacterial infection it will assist the body in burning off the bug.

8 go have a shower wash off the spices and relax or go back to bed.

sorry you feel so bad but i will go in your place

Confirmation vote on the nasal rinse! It really works well. And don’t eat ANY dairy products - they produce a thicker mucous. Eat or drink ginger, cayenne, curry to keep it flowing. Bring good quality tissues with you. And then…yeah, rum!

Poor U, delicate!!
I second and third the nasal spray. You have to keep the inside of your nasal passages WET, otherwise the bug will dig in for a week! >:(
What I use is HYDRASENSE, hydrating nasal spray, completely natural undiluted sea water. use it 5-6 times before leaving, and use real seawater when u get there! :sunglasses:
good luck, bon voyage

Tried it twice, it actually made me sicker…

I can vouch for Oscillococcinum by Boiron, especially when taken early on.

Hydrasense is great for keeping nasal cavities hydrated, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Sinus Rinse when it comes to getting rid of accumulated mucus, especially in the sinus cavities.

Keep us posted on how you’re doing, delicateflower! And try to get a good night’s sleep tonight!

Take zinc supplement-zinc stops the virus from replicating. You’ll still have to get over your flu, but it won’t carry on and on.

Jumping in the waves can give you an excellent power nasal flush…I know, I tried it! ;D Have a good vacation…I bet the Cuban sunshine will have you feeling better in no time!

Well, you can be near certain that you don’t have the flu (influenza). Unless you’re a child, a senior, or in a position where your immune system is hugely taxed, you’ve probably got a cold. (Don’t be one of those people that falls for the flu shot hype when you’ve never actually had the flu.)

Just drink water, try to eat right, get a good night’s sleep and pop some vitamin C. And when you get there, take kimlou’s advice and drink heavily. You should be okay.

Make sure that you wear a mask on the plane so you don’t infect everyone else on the airplane. Just a thought. Hope your vacation goes well anyway. Rum works wonders.