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Leaving tomorrow and passport expires in May!

HELP! friend leaving for Cuba tomorrow and has just found out that her passport needs to be valikd for the next six months and hers expires in May. Unable to contact travel agent tonight and holiday (family day) is tomorrow. She leaves tomorrow! Does anyone know how strict this is and is there anything she can do? Will she be refused at the airport in Cuba?

She’s fine. The passport only officially has to be valid for a month after your arrival date or departure date or whatever, and I know someone who went with even less time than that. May expiry is no problem at all. Don’t worry any more!

they may ask her a bunch of usless questions at they airport as to why she hasn’t updated it.But she should be fine…(should being the key word there) tell her to call the airline directly TONIGHT… As most have some staff on 24/7 and won’t be following the family day holiday… They should be able to answer her questions better then us! Well I would hope so anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
Goodluck to her!

Every tourist should have a valid passport issued on his or her name and a tourist card (the tourist card is available with the airline at the airport). It is important for you to know that the Canadian passport should be valid for at least one week after the return date. If you are planning to work, do business or study in Cuba you need a visa; please contact Consulate General of Cuba.

this is of the above web site your ok