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Less Canadians To Cuba in 2014?

The economy has slowed in my area and the restaurants and Thrift Shops are doing very poorly. What about your area ?

Somewhat the same, however if you listen to the economists Alberta’s economy is still booming. Lots of jobs for skilled people, unfortunately not a lot of places that are affordable to live.



This is my list of concern :::

  1. Unsure of salmon run.
  2. Lay offs & pending lay offs - Canada Post - CBC - Shaw - Nickel mines - coal mines - Hi teck Victoria - retail / restaurants - B.C lottery Corp.
  3. Forest workers pension $ 2 billion short - Postal workers pension $ 6 billion short and the list goes on and on.
  4. Low demand for paper.
  5. Low tourist numbers sop for for 2014.

The lower mainland area of Vancouver seems to be doing well. Real estate prices are still driven in large part by offshore $$$. Certainly fewer young Canadian families buying their first homes in the average $800,000 range, but they are managing to buy townhouses for about half that. South Surrey area is like one huge construction zone!

Where we live in White Rock (predominantly a WASP community), 3 one million dollar+ homes on our street sold last month. One of them sold within a week of being listed!

Can’t say I would expect fewer people from Vancouver to travel in 2014 but it may not be to Cuba. Lots of other nice places to go at similar or lower prices than Cuba.

The best time ever to sell! Take cash invest and live like king for the rest of the life. No problem with trips to Cuba, Mexico or any other destination in the world. This will not last forever 2 years from now things will be different. :slight_smile:

[quote=@admin]This will not last forever 2 years from now things will be different. :slight_smile:

Not here it won’t!
Oceanview homes one block from the beach are always sought after.

Things are not going well in Ontario. We’d been hoping to take our kids to Varadero this summer, but things are rocky at both my work and my husband’s (both work for different levels of gov’t)

We’ll be doing a staycation instead. And by staycation, I don’t mean a Canadian vacation, but rather we’ll just stay home; it’s almost cheaper to go to Cuba for a week than to camp at Fundy National Park (certainly a lot less work).

Don’t know what kinda $$ you have to make to get approved for a million + dollar home, but its more than I will ever make. And I have a good job, good pay and live comfortably.

As for the economy, we prob have one of the worst in Canada, and the biggest debt, so I have seen it around me for years.

It’s been cheaper for years now to take a week vacation in Cuba than it is to take a week vacation anywhere in Canada. For what I would pay just for the hotel for a week(no meals, no booze, no flights) is more than what I can book a trip to Varadero for.

Not that I am complaining!!

[quote=@yvrck][quote=@admin]This will not last forever 2 years from now things will be different. :slight_smile:
[/quote]Not here it won’t!
Oceanview homes one block from the beach are always sought after.

[/quote]Everyone thinks there place is special and different and will just keep increasing in value. When the plunge happens and it will, most will be affected. Most owners in Vancouver would have difficulty buying at current market prices.

I know. My kids loooove Fundy National Park, but we can’t get there in one day from here, so we have to spend a night on the road. We tow a pop-up trailer and the money we spend on gas is phenomenal (not in a good way LOL). For the park, you have to buy a yearly pass ($100), even if you’re only staying a week–they may have phased this out though because I don’t see it on their site anymore. Then you have the daily fee $20 for a family, $35/night camping fees on top of it, and any groceries have to be purchased in Sussex, NB because the little store in Alma charges an arm and a leg. On top of all that, you have to do all your own cooking and cleaning AND pay Canadian prices for beer! LOL

Exactly what a lot of people think, including myself. I’ve added up the costs of staying home and driving to a destination and camping, and the trip down south to Cuba wins out every time.

With the price of gas, the cost of food, camping, beer, and everything else, there is little incentive to stay in Canada. Plus i can get to Cuba in a shorter period of time than , say, driving to the maritimes or Quebec touristic areas, and I don’t have to drive.

For the price of a 2 week vacay in Cuba, we couldn’t afford a weekend in Toronto. We could drive to Toronto (gas money!), get to a hotel (accommodation money!), restaurant meals x 3 per day (food money), entertainment or excursions - priceless because we can’t afford them. I have a tradition with my kids, when you’re 8 I take you into Toronto on the train, go the the islands, go to ACC, go to CN tower, walk the PATH; costs about $450 for about 8 hours. Cuba has that all beat; one price for all, without deciding to go without lunch to save about $60 per couple. Sure you can come across deals to Toronto once in a while - but where is the peace and quiet, the feeling of being welcome? I was raised in Toronto and moved away over 40 years ago. And every time we have drive there to visit family or go to the airport, I say to BH, “I couldn’t do this again.”

Oh Oh: I hear Cuba calling my name. Gotta go and look at prices.

If I lived in Canada I’d be popping down to Cuba every month or two. I’d soon be catching up on CubaKing’s number of visits.

Bellagio: Gordon spends a lot more money to get to Cuba than I do. He is BC and we’re from the COTU (you know, the Toronto area). His price is probably twice what ours is. We go almost directly south, where he has to go east and then south. Not sure of logistics, but I would think that my 3.5 hour flight is at least half as long as his flight.

I know that YVR could add to this explanation, love BC but if we lived there I don’t think I’d be travelling to Cuba as often as we do.

It takes me + 30 hours to get to Holguin. - Bus to Nanaimo - taxi to Duke Point - ferry to mainland - taxi to airport - plane to Montreal - plane to Holguin - taxi to Brisas Guardavalaca.

The cost of living in my area is climbing fast - this week auto gas up $0.12 to $1.41

Besides gas many thigs / services are up :::

  1. Ferry rates
  2. House taxes
  3. Food
  4. House / auto insurance.
  5. Cable / internet
  6. Medical premiums
  7. Bank charge
  8. Water fees

It’s a minimum 5 1/2 hour direct, non-stop flight from Vancouver to Varadero. Usually about 6+ hours on the way back. We are offered very limited Cuban destinations and the flight times are horrible. We personally don’t enjoy arriving in Cuba at 3-4:00AM. Calgary offers more destinations to Cuba and better flight times. Depending on where we wish to go in Cuba, we have to cough up the extra $$ to fly to Calgary first or go via Toronto or Montreal.

Oh, and gasoline prices are at $1.49 per liter today.

Prices on everything are going up! I’m willing to accept that and make some sacrifices if I have to given that I live mortgage and debt free in such a sought after location in Canada. Sure we get rain in the winter but hey, I don’t have to shovel it!

Good post YVR. Right now are gas is $1.33; house taxes have increased by #300, auto is even right now (but I’m sure will go up); cable is about $200 per month. Our home is paid for which does free up money. And lucky us, we’re debt free as well. But I think you got the better deal regarding climate!! We should have moved there in the 60’s or early 70’s!

Our gas is at $1.38. It jumped .14 whole cents in one day. AMAZING. Long weekend, anyone??

Our hydro is crazy expensive (Hydro One, the delivery charge is more than our usage!), our house insurance just went up $600/year, and we suddenly need a $2500 oil tank to replace the one we just replaced 10 years ago. All of this is contributing to our circling of the wagons. We don’t even have cable or satellite to cancel.

I’m really not convinced that home ownership is all that it’s cracked up to be.