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Let it snow event - Atlantic Canada

Congratulations to anyone who booked their trip with the itravel2000 “Let it snow”. I know the totals are likely not in yet but anyone who booked leaving from Halifax…your trip should be free. We really got a dumping of snow January 1st. What a way to start your new year. Enjoy your freebie! Now me, I would book another one and go twice LOL!

They will have to wait and see as it’s the snow that gets measured at the HFX airport, and it was quite windy out that way. I wonder if the spot they measure is out in the centre of the air strip…lol. ???

Just figures, :-[, I have booked in the past from itravel2000 out of Halifax and of course this year didn’t! :’( I hope every one that did gets a free trip, good for you! ;D

I’m a Let It Snow participant flying out of Halifax. While it looks like there was more than enough snow, the timing of the snowfall and the location play a big part in the qualifying event. We’ll wait and see the official results.

Wow, That would be great. Last year Montreal I think qualified, and if Halifax qualifies this year. Well maybe it’ll be Toronto next year. I’m sure ITravel2000 will be doing lots of business next year if they really pay out two years in a row.

Halifax Airport weather station is reporting 13.6 cm’s during the qualification period… 12.7 is required. Will believe it when itravel2000 confirms it. :wink:

if they can t pay on this storm …they’ll never pay!!

From itravel site.

We are waiting on the official audited results for Halifax (we hope more than 5 inches of snow fell). We will update this page once we receive official results. Unfortunately, there was not enough snow at the Calgary, Toronto and Montreal weather stations. January 2, 4pm EST

Doesn’t look good. Official results peg HFX Airport at 14 cm’s… the time frame is in question. Still… fingers are crossed.

Hey Scovanotian, I’m rooting for you! Here’s hoping that you will get a free vacation.

I’m rooting for you guys as well!!! Just heard on the ATV Evening News that the official snowfall at Halifax Stanfield Airport was 14 cm!!! Now let’s see if itravel holds up their end of the bargain!!! Good luck everyone!!! :slight_smile:

Actually, it isn’t Itravel that verifies the snow, it’s the insurance company. ITravel really won’t be out any money. This promotion is fully insured so it’s a great advertising windfall for ITravel if it pays out.

I wish the best of luck for everyone who booked. I hope there isn’t any loophole or any crooked business to screw over the qualifying participants.

Why all this speculating? Itravel2000 was really good last year (or was it the year before?) at paying out the Quebec people who “won” the free trip. If the snow level was officially correct, I don’t see why there would be a problem this time.

Best thing for itravel2000 is all the free national advertising they will get as a result of this. The cost of the insurance premium probably pales in comparison to the cost of all the TV air time they will get over this. Not to mention all the customers who will now choose them in the future on the off chance that they may get a free vacation. Whoever dreamed up this promotion for itravel deserves a bonus.

In our local newspaper (The Chronicle Herald) in Halifax this morning…an Environment Canada meteorologist said the blizzard started on Dec. 31 and dumped a total of 14cm at the Halifax Airport…but only 10.3 of that fell on Jan. 31… ??? In order to win your trip free the amount has to be more than 12.7 cm on Jan.1.
Jeez! I live only 20 minutes from the airport and we have 20+cm of snow in my yard. Hard to believe they have less…so I guess they use the “measured” amount and not the “snowfall” amount???

The folks from Environment Canada have been all over the place with their snowfall numbers from the airport. Frankly, they really look like a bunch of bumbling idiots at this point in time.

It seems to me that they have gone to using the standard of 10 times the water equivalent to cover their incompetence. The water equivalent can be audited, the physical measurement at the time can’t. There were 10.3 mm’s of water measured for the 24 hours ended Jan 2, 2:00 am. Ten times 10.3 mm equals 10.3 cm’s… the numbers from the Halifax Herald today. The physical measurement reported for that 10.3 mm’s of precip was 13.6 cm’s… which I’m guessing, no one was there to witness.

With the 10 times rule being only an approximation of snowfall and the ability to recheck the physical snowfall impossible, this could get nasty.

Halifax Airport data here:


All in good fun, regardless of the outcome I’m still going to Cuba. :wink:

[quote=@scovanotian]The folks from Environment Canada have been all over the place with their snowfall numbers from the airport. Frankly, they really look like a bunch of bumbling idiots at this point in time.


You expected something better from a bunch of federal civil servants? ;D :-X

The others are correct in that the final decision rests with the insurance company, not itravel2000 and yes indeed, they paid out to the lucky winners in Quebec last year.

Fingers crossed for all you Maritimers!

I’ve been kicking my butt for not booking our vacation in October when I started looking at prices on itravel2000. I have about 30 cm of fresh snow in my yard and have shovelled three times in three days and the price of the resort I have been watching has gone up by $50 per person! And no, it won’t make me feel any better if other people don’t get their vacations paid :slight_smile:

Quick update… 5 days after Environment Canada posted 13.6 centimeters over the qualifying period (12.7 being needed) and we still have no confirmation of results. Can’t wait to hear the story behind this and I hope I don’t need any customer service from them on this trip. :wink:

I would take this as a good sign, ;D, they would be quick to say no, :’(have to be sure to say yes. ;D