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Let it snow!


I was just wondering if there are any other lucky maritimers who won a free trip through itravel2000? And, if you did have you already travelled or are you leaving soon? Anybody already receive his or her refund?

:sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses:

;D ;D ;D We won our trip to Punta Cana this year, leave Mar.29 for two weeks, you will Receive your refund the Friday after your departure

Hey BillyClyde,

How sweet it is! We leave for two weeks on the 23rd of Feb. Hard to believe that a big, fat cheque will be waiting for me in the mail box when we return. Time to add the grinning smiley. :sunglasses: ;D ;D ;D :sunglasses:

this is one winter trip that I am really going to enjoy. have a good one Shadow :smiley: ;D :smiley: ;D

Hey BillyClyde,

You too bud! ;D ;D ;D

Hey BillyClyde. We’re leaving on March 29th as well from Halifax. Are you flying Transat at 6 am. We might be on the same flight but not as lucky as you. We’re paying for our trip. lol.

I have to say…I have a feeling that iTravel2000 is going to see an increase in bookings next year if they offer the promtion again ;D

Congrats all!!

Thanks all!!

oceangal we leave at 8:50 am on skysquish, what resort resort are you staying at? there is 20 of us and were are staying at the Natura Park.

Monctonguy your right, Itravel2000 knew what they were doing, two years in a row they give trips away, I can guarantee that Itravel2000 will sell a lot of packages next year


Viva itravel2000! You can bet I’ll book with them again! :slight_smile: ;D ;D :slight_smile: :-*