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Lifestyle Hacienda


Hey all,

not too much info on this place its looks very nice but not alot of reviews. Has anyone stayed there, and if so what was your opinion, we are thinking of booking it in the next few days.




We stayed there in September last year. We were allocated this on arrival and found it to be okay. We found the room basic, but clean. My partner is a fussy eater, but managed to always find something to eat - although the food could be a little repetitive on occasions.

The pool got cleaned every day - but did have the odd bird poo floating in it as the day went on!!! Luckily neither of us swallowed any!!!

The a la carte resteraunts do book up very quickly, so you need to get to the queue early. Theres little entertainment at night - some dancing in the ampitheatre, but most people spent time chilling by the pool bar at night, and the area is very low key too.

If its a relaxing holiday you are after, with lots of lounging by the pool, then you will be okay, as the pool has a swim up bar and is of ample size. Although we did find that we needed to break the time up with some day trips - which were excellent!!!

Hope this helps you, and that i havent waffled on too much. Anything else you want to know then just say.


Thanks for the info… we are looking at the lifesyyles crown suites… do you know what this area looks like?


:slight_smile: You mention lying around the pool. Is the beach no good here? :-*


The beach is very nice, but i prefered to lie around by the pool - close to the bar!!!

The beach here, is set on two levels, the higher one being quiote shady and private with sun loungers, and i think a bar. Then you go down to the water level. You can walk along the beach, all the way to ocean world!!!

We did this on our last morning of our holiday and it really was lovely and peaceful - very nice!!!


Hi - I have a group of 6 staying in C3 at the resort the first of FEB. I am told we have to pay for the all inclusive, does any one know how much? We are flying into Santiago - what is the best way to get to the resort - rent a car or taxi - - or what?


Just check out www.mynextvilla.com for more pics. We enjoyes our vacation there and will go again


I will be posting new picstures
from Hacienda


Hi! We stayed at the Hacienda Tropical last year for 2 weeks and we are returning this year from March 13-28th. We liked it so much we bought into the Crowne Villa’s. That gives us the ability to stay in any of the units the resort has to offer and we get to enjoy VIP World and the VIP Beach(this means top notch accommodations, food, drinks and service…which we find important being 40 something!) Anyway, we did get a tour of all the accommodations and being its just my husband and I, we chose the Lifestyle Crowne Suites(like you were thinking of booking) All the units have been recently refurbished. They include a large balcony, tile showers, granite counter tops, flat screen t.v.'s…very nicely done. The Crowne areas are alot nicer than the other areas of the resort, not taking anything away from them, but you do get what you pay for here. There is alot of walking, which we enjoy because that is our exercise while we are there!! Like I said earlier the food and drink are excellent in the VIP area and Gourmet restaurant. The buffets offer alot and for breakfast, they will make omelets/eggs to order. Lunch includes burgers(which actually are good!) and a made to order pasta bar. We didn’t go to the buffets at night we stuck to the Gourmet Restaurant and the Asian Restaurant which were very good. I know there isn’t alot of info on this resort, so if this is a little lengthy I apologize…if there is any other info you need let me know! There is a website you can lookup also, its www.lifestyleholidaysvc.com


:slight_smile: Great info, travelgal2001. Not lengthy at all - very informative!

I was looking at this resort and it looks to me like just the kind of place I’m tryng to find.

Are there any adult pools and/or areas within the resort?

What about activities for kids? Is there much for them to do?

I don’t think the Crowne Suites are available to the “general public” - at least from what I’ve found on the travel sites. True?

Is this place popular with Europeans?

Think I’ll delve deeper into this resort. :-*


shirleyujest…in answer to your questions…at this time there are no “adult only” pools, although most kids seem to congregate at the kiddie pool or the pool closest to the beach. The VIP pools and the pool closest to the Crowne Suites is usually very quiet.
I havent looked closely at kids activities but there is an “activities person” at that main pool and I know there are tennis courts(it also says more on the website I believe). Ocean World is also just down the beach.
The Crowne Villas and Suites are available to the public to rent through the resort website or various other websites. However, this doesnt not include use of the VIP World or VIP Beach. To get these benefits you would need to purchase a week(or however long you needed) from an owner. This way you get the same treatment and benefits the owner has. I only know this because we have done this for a friend and his family.
You asked where most of the people are from that we have met. Most are from Canada! Being from Green Bay WI we can relate to their need for warmth this time of year!
Are you traveling this year? What are some of your more memorable trips? Hope this info helps! Since this resort was bought by an Austrian company, they have really worked hard at updating and have alot of plans for the future… its going to be nice to see what has changed since we were last there.


:slight_smile: Thanks so much for all your info, travelgal - and timaki. The resort looks beautiful and well-maintained.

Perhaps with the new Austrian owners there will be a change in the clientele, most likely offering packages from Europe. Not a bad thing! :wink: :-*


I think the new owners are focussing on business from the US and Canada as they want to get away from the cheap tour operator packages out of Europe. A lot of their business consists of vacation club membership and exchanges.


I do not want to post my personal pics link, but if you provide e-mail I will send many


VIP all-inclusive is $30 per day per adult, if you stay in a villa it’s $37.50


we have been a member of lifestyle holidays for a year now. the villas are beautiful. all 4 of our kids have been there at differet times my daughter went twice allready she was there for new years with 7 of her friends they had a blast and as always were treated like royalty. we are going back feb 23 to march 9,cant wait. have been to the d.r. 5 times and the crown villas are the only way to go.