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Lifestyle Properties


How many properties are there in the Lifestyle complex? How far from Lifestyle to Maimon?


Not sure how many properties but probably 4 or 5 now that the new one opened (Used to be Be Live Carey i think)
It is about a 5 min cab to Mamion and worth the trip. The fresh fish at road side stands is just terrific.



I’ve seen both good and really bad reviews of this property. Anyone have any experience? I’m not looking for the top of the line. Just a place to go and relax for two mid 50 women and our sons.


We go to the Tropical resort there a couple of times a year and enjoy it. You will have a good time.



We stopped at Maimon Wednesday for a fish lunch and it was as good and cheap as ever. My mom was impressed.
The three of us shared a 4 pound grouper with side dishes and drinks for about $23 total.



Thanks for all the info. We have some friends that will be staying at Lifestyle in February, and even though my wife and I have been at Fun Royale-Tropicale for 14 years, I did not have any idea as to what they might expect out at Lifestyle. For sure I will tell them they must go to Maimon. We had been there before but again was unsure of its proximity to Lifestyle.



Any idea on the different color bands you can get and what they stand for? I’m seeing posts for yellow, white, gold sparkly, blue, red. It seems like its a color a week?


Most of the AI resorts use different color bands to designate different groups of guests. One color for Vacation Club members of that resort. Another for RCI trades. Another for hotel guests, etc. Lifestyle might even have a seperate color for each of the residences on site. Hope this helps.



Just a little update Lifestyle now have what was Viva Wyndham in the middle of Playa Dorada with timeshare touts outside trying to get you interested. Basic buy in was $6,000 then you pay for each holiday on top. Could be good value if you have that sort of spare cash! ::slight_smile:

Cheers Amandalou :-*


We just got back from 4 weeks in Costambar and the property next door was being renovated. We were told it was a Lifestyles property but, it still had Villas Jasmine signage on the “Pool Rules” sign. Work went on 7 days a week for the entire time we were there. They had basically gutted the building and were replacing everything.

We were also told that they had taken over Villas Jasmine in the area - not sure of that though. VJ does not strike me as the Lifestyles type of place.


They did not take over the Villas Jasmin but Lifestyle started working together with them in order to send people for the sales pitch in Cofresi. They show off the beach part of Villas Jasmin as a “sister resort” .


Sorry for missing a few days. I actually ended up in the hospital for a few days :frowning: and got out today. Believe it or not the hospital (one of the biggest and best of in the country) HOMS in Santiago. All seems fine now and should be able just to do my follow up as an outpatient.

BObKWhile gone yuo had some good weather and a day of very heavy rain that was needed. Today was pretty good with a fari amount of sun.

There is a tropical storm Ernesto to our south east that will be a hurricane by tomorrow or sunday. The good news is that it will pass well south of us and not giive us here on the north coast any problems at all. Cozumel mexico had better be prepared though. There is another system well to our east that we will need to watch for mid week next week. I will put an update on this tomorrow morning.