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Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort and Spa


Hi!- My family and I are travelling to this resort April28-May 5th (my husband and 2yr old and 16 year old sons). The reviews are mixed. I have travelled to the DR several times and never been disappointed!! Does anyone have any good tips on this resort? How is the snorkeling right off the beach? Does the resort offer short snorkeling excursions? How’s the food? This is our first trip out of the USA with my 2 yr old so I’m a little nervous (but also excited) Any information or tips on Puerto Plata or the resort itself will be appreciated- Thanks!!-


I couple of frineds of mine just stayed there a few weekd ago. They said they had a great time and will be going back again. They did not go out of the resort much so I can not comment on other things to do.
Hope this helps.