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Light Tackle Fishing

When i head down south i like to bring some light tackle fishing gear with me.Would anyone have some helpfull advice on fishing from shore or paddle boat in the area of my resort.Were staying at Ocean Blue h10.Any tips would be appreciated.


reggie, I fish up north but next year i,m taking down some tackle…saw a bunch of guys surf casting this year, with a float and a bait harness, just in the waves…maybe 50 ft out and 3-4 ft. deep…also saw a guy jigging from a small boat just past the buoys, maybe 6-8 ft deep just using bread or something…not sure what if any regs for fishing as a guest though…probably none!

I alway bring my rod, a few hooks, and some big sinkers. I’ll ask the waiter for some raw fish or squid or shrimp and have never been turned down (the tip might help) I caught many little ones , but once I had something on for about for about 5 seconds and it took every inch of line I had then it was gone. Had to buy new line from one of the guys who make the bracelets and necklaces

I have fished many times off the shoreline away from the resorts. I use a pickeral rig and some half cooked bacon from the buffet, have catch a few red snappers and the odd grouper but to many small yellow tangs which are about as bad as when smelt is running in the great lakes.
I’d much rather go fishing with mikefisher, the odd tuna, maybe a marlin or sailfish, mai mai quite regularly and you always seem to latch onto a greenie while trolling.

now thats fishing!!!

Hey Reggie:

I always bring my 8 wt. flyrod with me and an assortment of crazy charlies; pink is best and small hook. If you go out early enough (especially head to the north) out of any of the PC resorts, you can pick up quite a few fish. The action on the flies dies off pretty quickly when the sun gets up a bit, bu that’s when all of the joggers, etc… come out anyway. I never tried the bait option, but figure you’d propbably do better with it. Fishing with the flyrod is fun, but definitely more work.

Good luck…we’ll be at the Bahia Ambar from 2/28 through 3/1. I’ll be fishing every morning. I’m actually ice fishing here tomorrow (supposed to be about 3 degrees (F)). Really looking forward to fishing “soft” water again.

ha ha ha
the never ending tales of perfect riggs and biggest fishes.
don’t get offended guys,
i am a fisherman myself and could fill Debbies bord with my tales till she cries towards the server provider for more storage space, lol.
thanks for the recommendation buddy,
s’y’ 23rd and you go out doesn’t matter what the weather is like, he he.
for the fishing from shore and also as a good idea, take one of those Kayaks which are mostly included in your all inclusive package and bring your tackle to the shallows of the nearby reef(hey, only when Sea/weather conditions allow such, o.k.?), bring light spinning gear or like above mentioned 7-8wt light flygear, use always metal leaders(barracudas are by far not the only ones who cut your Nylon leader here), go as early as possible in the morning(that’s for fishing from the beach, do that before too many other guests frequent the beach, in case of a Kayak they will not walk by very close and for that not bother the fishies to stay more far of the spot) and test any kind of bait, natural from the breakfast buffet or your prefered lil lure from home in the color which is your lucky one.
happy fishing

Hey Mike:

Thanks for the advice. I was going to email you to see if you can put me on a list as a “single”, and team me up with other loners to make a full charter. I don’t have any others in my group that want to go, and I can’t afford the trip by myself. I’m staying at the ambar from 2/28 through 3/7; I’d prefer a group of 4 for either a 1/2 or full day. Let me know.

i would have a group to join for you on monday morning march 2nd 2009.
if that’s fine please drop me a e-mail with your full name, so i would send all info back.
otherwise BFC will kill us for using Debbies as a sales office, ha ha.
good luck for the shore fishing, it is fun

I’m hoping I can get a quick reply as I leave tomorrow morning…yahoo!!!

Do you need a fishing licence in the DR?

I’ll be staying at the Allegro and hoping to do some shore fishing. Do they frown on such things on the beach or is there a best place to go to close by?

I’m bringing a compaq rod with me and some light tackle. I’ll hopefully find someone that will take it when I leave.



no license needed that i know off, or that i have ever used,

and yes you will have no problem giving it away,

Do you need a fishing licence in the DR? NO
I’ll be staying at the Allegro Allegro Where on the East coast ? [/quote]

no Allegro on the east coast, guys.
the former named Allegro Resort encountered some name changes and is today named
Dreams Plam Beach, right aside of my vernada.
have fun