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Liquids/Gels....What about food items on-board?


With all the new gel/liquid rules and restricted carry-on items including bottled water, coffee, tea etc. not being allowed on board…What about food items, I KNOW I do not care for the airline food and want to bring my own sandwich/food/snacks etc.

What are the restrictions on food items? Can’t find it anywhere, nobody seems to list these items.

I would like to bring almonds, cheese sticks and maybe a sandwich.

Anyone know where I can find this information?


AFAIK, there are no restrictions on food items. We had no trouble bringing sandwiches, sweet buns, gum, peppermints and peanuts on our recent flights.


That baffles me, isn’t jello a gel? Good news though but it does baffle me and don’t understand the reasoning.

Thanks for the quick reply.


Well, I might stay away from items like Jello.
I don’t eat it at home; why would I take it on the plane? ;D


I noticed on the web link from Air Canada that the article specifically mentioned that solid food items- such as a sandwich are fine but any liquids must be in the baggy and under 100mls. I’m thinking sushi, but it just means I’ll have to pour the soya sauce over it before i board. Maybe not… soggy sushi sucks.


Can you bring an empty water bottle thru the security area, so that it can be re-filled from a water fountain in the departure area, thus avoiding the outlandish charge for bottled water there??