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Liquids in your Carry-On luggage

I received a couple of PMs regarding the confusion started on another thread about the liquid carry-on regulations in Cuba. The situation in Cuba is very simple…

Cuban Airport Security has never recognized the 100ml limit put in place by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in the US and adopted in Canada, Europe and many other countries.

This means there are NO restrictions on taking liquids through Cuban airport security. There is no reason to wait until the Duty Free shop in the Departures Lounge to purchase rum, beer, etc. (Or to buy a bottle of water that’s 250% over priced.)

If you find the unique bottle you want in a liquor store then buy it, secure in the knowledge that you’ll have no hassles walking through all the security screening with it in your carry-on luggage.

This is a big advantage for anyone wanting to bring back a very special bottle because in general the Duty Free Shops have a very average, boring selection of rum. A much better selection is found in many Cuban liquor stores, especially in tourist zones. Sometimes even the stores in the public part of the airport offer better selection than the Duty Free shops past security. Lastly, “duty free” is a meaningless term in Cuba - the prices are almost the same - so there’s no real savings to be had either.

One very important note… as soon as you hit Canada, UK, etc. then the 100ml limit is (of course) in effect again, so if you have a connecting flight the bottle in your carry-on is now an issue…

Thanks for clarifying this for people T.

This was always our understanding…es Cuba ;D
We’ve always waltzed through Cuban security with our rum safely in our carry ons :smiley: