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Liquor at the GBP

I know in some places in Mexico you are unable to get Whiskey. I think this was on the Pacific. Does anyone know if they have whiskey and bailey’s? I should specify Canadian whiskey.

Hi I don’t know about wiskey but I do know they have Bailey’s but is is considered Top Shelf so you have to pay for it. The local stuf they have is really bad.

Sorry to say northernbutterfly, but we had a Whiskey drinker with us too and we had to bring some Crown Royal with us to keep him in familiar drinks ;). He did however seem to make it through the week with the “other drinks” offered there. As far as the Bailey’s goes…pick up a bottle at Duty Free on the way down and keep it in your room. It’s good to have over ice when you are sitting on your balcony watching the world slip bye…one sip at a time.

Jake, eh

thanks for the info, I can at least let the boys prepare for what ever they need. I myself can drink anything and I really like tequila and beer so I’m good to go. I think we will get the baileys at the duty free. While I’m at this topic, what kind of beer do they serve?

Sounds like “you’ll” have no problem, kind of like me when it comes to the drinks…does it have alcohol in it…it’ll due just fine ;D. The beer they serve…well it could be Corona on tap, or XXX on tap, or…well you’re never really sure. It’s all good in the sun and sand. If you want bottled Corona, you have to go to the Internet Cafe’ and pay ($3.US?). I know it sounds strange to go out and “buy” beer when you are at an AI resort, but you’d be surprised just how much time we spent there, sending emails ($)and watching hockey on the TV…I know, I know, yes even on vacation…we’re Canadian EH.

Jake, eh

I will need to go to the internet cafe to send the family a little note every now and then but you are quite right. If it is a cold beer in hand and there is a beach with that beautiful sun shining down that’s as good as it gets. The boys on the other hand may like to go check out the hockey and corona.

Hi Northernbutterfly, we are at the GBP Tulum right now and I am a rye drinker as well. At all the bars we’ve been to, including the disco and sports bar up at the hacienda, they have Canadian Ltd. rye whiskey (which is what I’ve been drinking since we got here, with the occasional pina coloda to mix it up - I am on a tropical holiday right?) and they also have Black Velvet Canadian Rye as well. I am a Gibson’s drinker at home and both of these rye’s here are just fine for me. Hope this helps.

Frozie you are so lucky to be in Mexico we are all envious. it is already freezing here on the east coast… I have the wood stove going tonight. Hope you are enjoying GBP tulum think of us fellow Canadians while you are lying on the beach and having those balmy night…

Thanks Frozie the boys will be happy to know that.

My wife and I were at the GBP Ak a few years ago and paid and extra $70 for the golden club (2 weeks) all the rye, burbon and scotch I could hold. Everything from JD to CC and Walkers. They even had JW black label. Should have no trouble getting a drink.

Just got back a couple of days ago and the boys had no problem with the liquor especially after the second night. Although for the remainder of our trip our friend would mutter Tequila el diablo everytime we mentioned the word tequila. I think he may stick to whiskey after this.

:slight_smile: Welcome back, northernbutterfly! We’re looking forward to your review and maybe some pics of your trip. :-*