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List of resorts with beach Papala's

Please send along, I can say Barcelo Beach and Carib do not!


Really, I just assumed that all resorts had them, shows how much I know:)

Edenh has lots

Most resorts have them, if they don’t they usualy have lots of trees and Palms so you can get some shade.

Bahia Principe has a lot and lots of palm tree’s also.
Were ever … it sure beats our weather here right now.

The RIU resorts and the Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada didn’t have them when I was there. Neither did the Punta Goleta but I don’t think they are operational anymore.

How is the Palladium for papala’s

Thanks to those who answered!

The Palladium has lots of palapas and trees.


Iberostars in PC also have plenty.

Bavaro Princess have lots too!

breezes has some and lots of trees

sorry the olde paradise beach did not have any dont know about now

This is good to know… I prefer palapas …when you use the shade from trees you still can get sun…