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Live, from Havana... Impossible Photo!

That’s Rainbow on the left and me on the right. The reason the photo is unbelievable is because I don’t have a beer in my hand. There’s a first time for everything…

Greeting from a hot and humid Havana!



Hey Randy, you’re looking good! Did you lose some weight?

I wonder how cheery they will be in the morning ?
Hope you guys have fun , be safe.

Very nice photo of 2 of you :slight_smile: Love to see photo live from Havana! I hope you guys have fun and great time!!

Have a great time Terry and Randy, try and stay out of trouble.

If you see our dear mutual friend and his wife, please give them a big hug from me. Hope I can get to Havana next year.


Lol Terry, I believe this is the next trip and a nuclear power plant is calling. Have fun guys.

So where is the “morning after” picture? :wink:

Have fun!

you two are so transparent!

[quote=@eeeefarm]So where is the “morning after” picture? :wink:

Have fun![/quote]

Hopefully they are not walking back home now from police station :slight_smile:

Whaaat? The Capitol is STILL under renos??? Geez Louise! Is it open, at least? It was closed to the public the last 2 times I went thru…

Yup, still closed…

Fortunately there’s still 4 bars/clubs (that I know of) open within a 5 block walk… Thank God…


I hope that you are having a great time Terry,

Terry, what are your favorite bars near the Capital?

What I meant to write above is, “… Fortunately there’s still 4 bars/clubs (that I know of) open until 6:00am within a 5 block walk…” The scene is pretty busy.

hfxjohn, there’s at least a dozen places within a 5 or 6 minute walk of the Capitolio that I frequent now and then. There’s something for every budget and every taste from super high-end cocktails in the Saratoga to uber low-end peso dive bars…


A bit of rain over Havana…

Managed to catch a little lightening…

Super shots, Terry. Thanks for posting.

Under the yellow building, the bull sign, is my meat market. Under the pink building is where I get my cheese. To the right are carts loaded with vegetables and fruit…

Huge thunderstorm out over the ocean that was slowly moving toward us. The fisherman was very nervous, he paddled like mad towards land.

I traded a beer for a couple of fresh fish for dinner. Can you believe his boat?!?!?!